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  • FAQ'S:

    I have more information on one (or more) of the individuals, or I have noticed an error?
    Please use the ‘Suggest’ tab at the top of the individual’s details and enter the information and/or correction. Thank you!

    Why do some entries not have a headstone photo?
    We have tried to include additional details of each individual whose stone we have located in the cemeteries we have visited and, where possible, have entered data on their immediate family: naturally, there will be no photos for any such additional persons. For a list of the cemeteries visited, click ‘Headstones by Cemetery’ on the main menu.

    Is it possible to get a larger copy of one or more of the headstone photos?
    Yes, larger copies are available by using the ‘Contact us’ section of this website. You will be required to state your interest and connection to the deceased before a larger copy is sent to you. We reserve the right to refuse any request for a larger copy of a photo or photos, the decision to forward a copy or copies will be entirely at our discretion. Please see copyright information under ‘Site Info’.

    How do I find my great, great, great grandmother when I only know her married surname?
    Use the ‘Advanced Search’ facility where you can include spouse’ surname. See ‘Site Info’ for further information on using the various search facilities.

    I can’t find my ancestor but I know they were buried at ‘xxx’ cemetery?
    We have photographed all the headstones we could get to, or that were in a reasonable state at the time of our visit, however some are too worn to be legible, or have been badly damaged, and, of course, particularly where the Historic Cemeteries are concerned, many headstones are simply no longer there. There is, however, always the chance that we missed some; particularly in the old Historic Cemeteries, where there are no defined rows or sections. Additionally we have NOT included photos of headstones where the individual died after 1927.

    We will be adding more records as and when they are completed. Please see ‘Whats new’ on the menu for details of new records added.

    I live near a cemetery and would like to help?
    We would be delighted to have your assistance. Please contact us using the ‘Contact us’ section of the website.

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