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    The aim of this project is to preserve for future generations the information that has been inscribed over the centuries on headstones across the country before it is lost to the insidious ravages of acid rain, urbanization, neglect and vandalism.

    Many of our original cemeteries are now gone forever and many others are no longer open to the public. With so many good causes requiring the Community's support, cemetery maintenance is, understandably, not a high priority. We hope this project, to photograph and database as many headstone inscriptions as possible and make the information widely and freely available, will help preserve the memories, if not the memorials.

    Whilst this started out as a database of record, we came to feel that it was important, where possible, to place the individuals in the context of their family settings ­—to identify their parents ­—to show whom they married, where they lived, and what they did. It must be stressed that the basis for many of these entries is an old or damaged headstone. Therefore, our data may contain omissions or errors attributable to faded or missing inscriptions. We have photographed all the headstones we could get to, or that were in a reasonable state at the time of our visit, however some are too worn to be legible, or have been badly damaged, and, of course, particularly where the Historic Cemeteries are concerned, many headstones are simply no longer there. There is, however, always the chance that we missed some; particularly in the old Historic Cemeteries, where there are no defined rows or sections. Additionally we have NOT included photos of headstones where the individual died after 1928.

    We hope that this will be an ever-evolving database and welcome any additional data or photos you may be able to supply.


    The information (data and photos) contained on this website is solely for the personal use of individual Genealogists and Family Historians. The content (data and photos) may not be copied to any Genealogical Archive, retransmitted, reposted, duplicated, or otherwise used, without the prior written consent of the owners. Any content (data or photos) printed or downloaded may not be sold, licensed, transferred, copied or reproduced, in whole or in part, in any manner, or in or on any media, to any person, without the prior written consent of the owners, who may only be contacted via the ‘Contact us’ section of the website. The content (data and photos) may not be used by any commercial organisation, nor placed on a website that requires paid-for membership or pay-to-view. This also applies to members’ own websites, or family trees on such websites.

    Requests for permission to reproduce material from this website must be made using the ‘Contact us’ section of this website.

    Photos published on this website:

    The photographers, each of whom is named on each photo record, automatically own the copyright of their photos. They have taken the time and trouble to take the photos so that others, who are unable to travel to the relevant cemetery or cemeteries, may benefit by viewing the photo(s) of the headstone(s) of their ancestors. Do not infringe their copyright. If you make a copy of the photo for your personal use, please ensure that you clearly add the copyright and name of the photographer, as shown on this site.

    The photos on this site have been scaled down, however, larger copies are available by using the Contact us section of this website. You will be required to state your interest and connection to the deceased before a larger copy is sent to you. We reserve the right to refuse any request for a larger copy of a photo or photos: the decision to forward a copy or copies will be entirely at our discretion.


    Our thanks to all those who have contributed to this project and helped to make it possible, and with special thanks to, in alphabetical order:
    Ken Bolton
    Petra Laidlaw
    Nurith & Uri Meretz
    Chris Newall
    Jeremy I. Pfeffer (Faculty of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Rehovot, Israel)
    Henry Roche
    Philip Walker

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