168 Years on Lyon Samson’s descendants honour his memory

Lyon Samson died in Liverpool on 26 January 1843. His name and occupation, Optician, appear regularly in Gores Liverpool Directories 1823-1844 and in the more exclusive Baines Lancashire Directory 1823\4  He is also listed in the Liverpool Poll Book 1832 Sampson,Lyon,Optician,Roden Place, Percy Street, Liverpool.

A man of substance, one would suppose; yet he died in want, a recipient of charity from the local community, and no member of his family either willing or able to fund a headstone for his grave. That is until 23 October 2011, 168 years after his death,  when a group of his descendants, many no longer Jewish,  gathered with members of the local community at the recently restored Deane Road Cemetery to raise a stone to their distant ancestor, the first stone setting in this cemetery for over 80 years.

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A day of contemplation and quiet satisfaction for Lyon’s descendants and for all those concerned with the restoration of the Deane Road Cemetery, particulary Project Organiser Saul Marks and his team of dedicated workers and fundraisers. Thanks to them and the enthusiasm of a disparate group of far-flung descendants, the Deane Road Cemetery has been saved from neglect and ultimate extinction and Lyon Samson‘s memory has been honoured.

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