Almorah Cemetery (Jewish Section) St Helier Jersey Channel Islands

We are grateful to Anna Baghiani of the Societe Jersaise  for providing us with photographs of the 9 remaining stones from this cemetery, along with a great deal of background material.

Many of these individuals, such as David CRAWCOUR were connected to families buried on mainland Britain and already recorded on our database. so it is particularly satisfying to be able to include photographs of their stones.

The Societe Jersaise has a searchable website and further pictures of cemeteries and other matters of Jewish interest may be found by going to and entering the word “Jewish” in the full text search box

For more information about the Jersey Jewish Community we recommend Harold Pollins excellent study  which can be found on

Our thanks to Anna and to Dr .Phillip Kirby for making the introduction and acting as 21st Century Genealogical “shadchan”

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