Bancroft Rd Jewish Cemetery – Susie’s mission

We have reported several times now on Susie Clapham’s mission to bring Bancroft Rd cemetery back to life or at the very least to undo years of neglect.

Susie has written an article for JEECS (Jewish East End Celebration Society) covering her research of the cemetery and her plans for improvements.

“SUSIE CLAPHAM has a mission: to overturn 100 years of neglect of an important East End landmark and establish a permanent yahrzeit for the dead of Bancroft Road.

“it started as a walk; it has become a quest to put right 100 years of neglect. Two years ago I was taking the time to discover my local area, an area of so much interest from a historical and Jewish perspective, and passed the old cemetery in Bancroft Road, off Mile End Road.”
For the full article see here

A fund has also been set up to help pay for the work, “Donations to the Bancroft Road Cemetery Fund can be made by cheque payable to JEECS and  marked Bancroft Road on the back, sent to JEECS, PO Box 57317, London, E1  3WG.”

When you visit the JEECE site you may also want to enjoy a selection of Historic East End photos of Jewish life which has recently come in to their posession which include:

J. Minsky, tailors’ triming dealer
J. Hill, chemist
I. Silkoff, shop
Myer Rose, hatter & tailor.

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