Belfast City Cemetery – Jewish Section

A free database of burial records, now available online, includes burials in the Jewish Section. See here

The Jewish section was acquired in 1871: the first burial took place 2 years later on 2 Feb 1873, and the last on 11 Jun 1964.

From 1884 to 1929 no headstones were allowed for those buried in the Jewish ‘poor ground’. Following the reversal of this decision, a memorial stone to all those buried there was erected in 1931.

It is estimated that there are around 295 burials, of which over half were children.

Here are some of the names we found while searching:
Daniel Joseph JAFFE died 1871
Moses JACOB 55yrs died 6 Feb 1922
Child Of Charles & Leah JACOBS died 2 May 1903
Gertrude Sarah COHEN died 24 Jun 1908
Dina    COHEN    died 18 December 1890
Berty    LEVY    died 13 June 1897
Isaac    SOLOMON died 9 September 1899
Louis    SOLOMON died     17 August 1893
Morris    SAMUEL    died 26 September 1904
Gertrude LAZARUS died 17 August 1898
Harry    BENJAMIN died     19 July 1901
Eda    MYERS    died 15 September 1898
John    MYERS    died 28 February 1910
Joseph    MYERS    died 10 April 1920
Lucy    WOLFF    died 28 July 1897

Each entry contains the following information, where known:
* full name
* age
* last place of residence
* sex
* date of death
* date of burial
* cemetery they are interred in
* grave section and number
* type of burial, for example, standard earth burial,or cremation.

If you have any photos of Belfast City Cemetery – Jewish section, we would very much like to hear from you!

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