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Stepney Infirmary deaths with burial place

A selection of death records showing the burial place in most of the entries, for the period 1901 to 1913. The majority were buried at Plashet Jewish Cemetery with some buried Edmonton and a few other cemeteries.

Ramsgate Jewish Cemetery records – found !

The cemetery records for the Ramsgate Jewish Cemetery These were long considered to be lost but in the summer of 2015 they unexpectedly came to light. They consist of over 93 handwritten sheets on A2 size paper. In many instances…

BANCROFT ROAD Updated records

What makes The Old Hoxton Cemetery and the Bancroft/Maiden Lane Cemetery different from all the other cemeteries that appear on the CemeteryScribes website? The answer is simple: If you go to you will not see a single picture of…

Workhouse burials?

A letter to the Hull Packet dated 29th Aug 1849 and printed in the Friday edition a couple days later describes the following situation. Arnold Eichborn, a penniless cabinet maker, had died earlier that week. Due to the distance his…