UK Cemeteries

Jewish Cemeteries in the UK, history, photos, general information, restoration projects.

BANCROFT ROAD Updated records

What makes The Old Hoxton Cemetery and the Bancroft/Maiden Lane Cemetery different from all the other cemeteries that appear on the CemeteryScribes website? The answer is simple: If you go to you will not see a single picture of…

Cardiff, Jewish Cemeteries

Please click on the photos for more information and note they are Copyright L B Saunders. The Ohel, Green Farm Road, is protected against vandalism and the plaques are from the Cathedral Road Synagogue which was sold several years ago.

Inscriptions – With Hebrew or without?

In a recent article in the Jewish Chronicle ‘I didn’t want a traditional headstone for my father’s grave. But what was the alternative?’ Stephen Games describes how he commissioned a unique tombstone for his father, in strict conformation with the four prerequisites imposed by the…

East Ham Cemetery, Marlow Road

In January there was a mini-tornado blew across the cemetery causing damage to a number of headstones and causing others to be unstable, mostly to the left of the Prayer Hall. The United Synagogue Burial Sociey probably have details of…