Confusion in the stars!

The Star of David (Mogen David) is frequently seen on tombstones but not all are Jewish and many cause confusion.

We were recently contacted by Evelyn Simak who very kindly photographed tombstones at Jewish cemeteries in East Anglia for us. These are currently being added to CemeteryScribes.

While researching the cemeteries Evelyn noticed an entry on the International Jewish Cemetery Project suggesting that some tombstones at the Southwold Parish Cemetery were Jewish.

Having visited the cemetery Evelyn sent us some photos of the tombstones and they quite clearly show a 6 pointed star or Masonic hexagram with the I.H.S. in the centre meaning Jesus Christ, King of the Jews, from the first three Greek letters for Jesus.

Its easy to get confused especially when vegetation covers old or eroded tombstones. So to help others here are some photos showing the Masonic hexagram with I.H.S., a clearly Masonic star with other Masonic symbols, and a Mogen David or Star of David.

Copyright Evelyn Simak

Example of a Masonic hexagram with I.H.S.








Example of Masonic symbols

Copyright Evelyn Simak








Examples of Jewish Headstones with Star of David








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