Exeter Cemetery

Looking through past articles on this blog, we note that deploring the state of some of our oldest cemeteries was,sadly, becoming something of a theme so, following on our May piece on the project at Ayres Quay in Sunderland it is good to be able to give you another good news story.

Today, at the other end of the UK,  a group of local volunteers have been working hard to tidy up the old Exeter Cemetery.  Some of the party have ancestors buried there; others have no such direct personal connection; but all are dedicated to the preservation of this historic burial ground.

We already have a number of photographs of Exeter stones on our website and, thanks to a recent donation from Mike Gordon, we will be adding a few more in the coming weeks. Regrettably, we have not been able to make any photographic excursions of our own in recent months, so donations of this kind are especially welcome.  Coming up soon are a set from Savannah Georgia; some from  Merthyr Tydfil and Terezin Prague.

Readers of this blog from around the world will benefit from the generosity of those who send us their photographs for publication on our website, but without the unsung heroes who turn out on cold, grey mornings to sweep the leaves, root out the weeds, and collect the tin cans, plastic bags and other unwelcome detritus, deposited by the thoughtless or the plain malicious, we would have fewer historic burial grounds and fewer stones to tell us the names and the stories of our ancestors.

A big thanks to you all.  Additions to this site take place on a regular basis, so it’s always worth paying a return visit. You never know: this week it could be your ancestor!

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