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As our readers know CemeteryScribes is all about saving headstones and inscriptions by recording them, and in this way our site is in memory to those who have gone before us.

It came as no suprise when I was asked the other day about photos. Normally these requests are for headstone photos or cemetery photos and I was expecting this request to be the same. But no, not this time, this request was different. It was for those who have no memorial. Whose lives were cut short by the Holocaust, whose families disappeared with them and all that remains are lists with their names on.

Rachel Hakker and her sister, Rachel was killed at Auschwitz 4 days after her 3rd birthday.

This request was for photos of Dutch, Jewish children who perished in the Holocaust. The freelance writer and student of  Jewish History (specialising in the Holocaust),  Aline Pennewaard and author  Guus Luijters are compiling a ‘Memor-book’ to the Dutch children who were transported and killed. A book that is similar in concept to Serge Klarsfeld’s ‘French children of the Holocaust’.

Their book is due to be published in Feb 2012 and they are eager to find more photos to add to the 2,000 they have already collected before going to print.

Can you help? do you have any photos of Dutch Jewish children that did not survive the Holocaust?
if so please use the ‘comment form’ below or the ‘contact us’ and I will email you back with details of how to forward your photos to Aline.

Those of you researching your Dutch ancestors will be interested to see the Community Joods Monument which works alongside the Joods Monument and where you can find 1000’s of photos uploaded by members of the community.

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