Interesting Headstone from Brady Street Cemetery

Well here goes with my first ‘real’ post. Its about an intriguing headstone we found at Brady Street. One of the more difficult to interpret as it included an Acrostic and a Gematria.

The inscription was transliterated as:
Creature of earth in his mother’s bosom… His gathering comes now …
His fineness with those who lack …
Calling wisdom father and running from evil.
In the year 5538 [1788], he awakened the heart of his brothers, donated his money and was the head/chief to help.
The orphans of his brothers, fatherless children;
Joyous to begin and finish with bounty, running from contributor to contributor, calling out,
‘Your brother is dead and you will abandon the children he left with you!
Awake and you will receive a good reward.’
… His lovingkindness will never be forgotten;
… on him praise
…life and here will lie undisturbed;
At 60 years, taken live to his Father on the holy Shabbat and buried the following day, Sunday,
Nisan in the year ‘raiser of the orphans’ [5564/1804].

So the questions are, who was Yitzhak ben Yisrael Yaacov (Isaac ben Israel Jacob?)? do you know more about him and his good deeds? if so please let us know.

To see the entry on go to Yitzhak ben Yisrael Yaacov

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