Quakers Lane Jews Burial Ground in need of help!

The ground in Talbot Square, Norwich which is also called Glidencroft,  was acquired in 1813 by 4 members of the Jewish community,  Barnett Crawcour (Dentist), Henry Carr (Merchant), Israel Jacobs (Optician) and Colman Michael (Merchant) of Wymondham. It closed 41 years later in 1854 as a result of the Burial Act.


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Reports of 1872  advise that the burial ground is becoming neglected, and much later ones suggest that there are only 12 headstones remaining.

Photos taken by Evelyn Simak in Apr 2011 show that these headstones are now buried under enormous weeds and brambles, to the extent that only the tops of a few headstones can be seen.

Hopefully when time and funds allow this historic cemetery will be restored.

An additional curiosity is the plaque at the entrance, ‘Cemetery 5640 (1880) The property of the Hebrew Congregation 1840. Neither year corresponds with the year the cemetery was acquired, although the first burial is said to be that of Bernard Crawcour a dentist whose gravestone bears the date 25 September 5595, which is a lot closer to the year of 1840.

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5 comments for “Quakers Lane Jews Burial Ground in need of help!

  1. Michael Chandler
    August 15, 2011 at 4:09 pm


    I visited Quakers Lane Jewish Cemetery as research for my forthcoming book the Jews of Norfolk and I was sadened to see how disaray this cemetery has become.

    I have contacted the United and Federation Synagogues to find out who ownes this cemetery so that it may be cleaned up, but no one has come back to me yet.

    Do you have any idea who ownes the cemetery so that I may contact them to hopefully have the place cleaned up.

    Many thanks

  2. CemeteryScribes
    August 15, 2011 at 10:03 pm

    Many thanks for your comments. It would be great to see a group come together to tidy the burial ground. We have emailed you direct with more info. Please keep us up to date with headway you make.

  3. Dr Phillip Kirby
    March 22, 2012 at 9:26 am

    Dear Angela and Gaby
    Barnet Crawcour one of the main founders of the Norwich Jewish Synagogue originally in Tombland Norwich is my 4x great uncle and son of Samuel Crawcour 1748-1816 apothecary/surgeon dentist.
    I posted on British Genealogy- Jewish Roots on 9 May 2009 under the heading ‘ Norwich Jews Burial Ground- Memorials’ a list of the tombstones at the Gildencroft burial ground with names taken from an article written some years ago ( I need to confirm the source and date). The last burial date recorded was in 1850.
    There were also photographs of the cemetery taken in the 1930s showing it was being maintained.
    I am aware that one of my Crawcour cousins visited the cemetery some 12-15 years ago but could gain no access and described its poorly maintained state.
    I would be happy to work with others cleaning up the cemetery.
    Dr Phillip Kirby

  4. Helen
    September 3, 2014 at 10:23 am

    Hi All,

    I see I’m a couple of years off the pace here but I live next-door to the cemetery. After I moved in the beautiful redbrick wall with a Star of David was removed by the council as it was unsafe, this was replaced by a low blue brick wall which opened up the burial ground for all to see how poorly maintained has been. I contacted the Norwich Synagogue and they kindly sent someone to clear the weeds. Unfortunately, they grew back even stronger – as brambles tend to do. However, there now seems to be some work going on again, the weeds have been removed and someone has raked up the gravel into piles.

    One of my neighbors who has lived in the Square since 1938 has told about how beautifully maintained it was with flowers and Rose arches. I hope this space can be brought back to it’s former glory.


  5. Admin
    September 3, 2014 at 12:45 pm

    Hi Helen, thank you so much for the info. We will email you direct. CemeteryScribes Admin.

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