Searching SynagogueScribes – using Keyword search

In this example we are showing one of the uses of the ‘Keyword Search’.

Finding siblings for Victor Abraham Cemetery Scribes I2603

* In SynagogueScribes Basic search, enter:

Family Name = Abraham,         First Name = Victor.

Record GSM 066/5 shows his father’s Hebrew name as Feivel Goldsticker

* Enter Goldsticker in SynagogueScribes Keyword Search .

SynagogueScribes Keyword search

* Out of the nine results, the brides in GSM 054/4 and GSM 093/23, respectively Catherine and Phebe Abrahams, are shown as daughters of  Feivel Goldsticker and are therefore sister’s of Victor.

The bridal couple in NSM 267 both have the word Goldsticker (Gold Embroiderer) in their patronymic (father’s Hebrew name) but one is a child of Nehemiah and the other of Mordecai; they cannot, therefore be sibs of Victor, Catherine and Phebe.

Searching Synagogue Scribes – using basic search

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