Streatham Jewish Cemetery also called Rowan Road Cemetery

We are currently adding photos from Streatham Jewish Cemetery.

Streatham Jewish Cemetery

These are being added in an ‘uncut’ format meaning that we have not, as yet, researched the individuals and added them to our main database.

As there has been a great deal of interest we took the unusual decision to list the photos with just names and year of death, where they can be read. Once we have added them all we will then add the full details and inscriptions to our main database.

For genealogy research these photos and information are a goldmine, often providing both the individuals’ original family name and the adopted, perhaps more English, name.

There are also many memorials to those lost during WW1, WW2 and civilian casualties.

See Each are listed alphabetically and are not yet searchable other than by going through the pages.

The photos are from the collection taken by Mr L Saunders, jazz musician, who has called it a labour of love. Visiting the cemetery in all weathers and when his busy work schedule allowed. We are very grateful to Lynn for providing us with these photos and making them available to others via our website.


2 comments for “Streatham Jewish Cemetery also called Rowan Road Cemetery

  1. Barry Gordon
    September 27, 2017 at 5:23 pm

    I was planning to visit my Grandparents’ graves in Streatham Jewish Cemetery on a Sunday afternoon. As it has been a few decades since I last went there I wanted to check whether or not it would be open. On Google streetview it appears that it is protected by guard dogs…
    If it is open, I would also like to find out where exactly they are buried. Their names are Naftoli & Rachel Podkaminsky & they both died circa 1960 give or take 1 year.

  2. ADMIN
    September 27, 2017 at 6:17 pm

    The plot details are:
    Forename Surname Date Location Section Row NO.
    Nathan Podkaminsky 23-Jul-1962 Streatham Section E 62 21
    Rachel Podkaminsky 09-Feb-1965 Streatham Section E 62 22

    As far as I know access is fine but do avoid the Jewish holidays, September is a busy month, see for contact details and also to search their burial lists.
    CemeteryScribes Admin

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