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Funchal Jewish Cemetery

Cemetery to the left of 3 vans centre, on top of cliff.

The Jewish Cemetery in Funchal, Madeiria faces the sea and has been damaged by erosion. From the plaque above the entrance it dates back to 1851. Sadly some graves may have fallen into the sea. All photos are copyright Lynn…

Benjamin and Isabella .. who?

We were recently contacted by a sharp-eyed researcher who suspected we had a duplicate entry for Benjamin Woolf. Normally, such duplications are relatively easy to look into, albeit administratively very much harder to rectify! But not so in the case…

Julia and Edward Laurine


The serendipity of the random Google Search occasionally drops an unexpected sugar plum in your lap.. One such dropped into ours recently: a book entitled “An historical and topographical description of Chelsea, and its environs, Volume 2”  By Thomas Faulkner.…

Cardiff, Jewish Cemeteries

Please click on the photos for more information and note they are Copyright L B Saunders. The Ohel, Green Farm Road, is protected against vandalism and the plaques are from the Cathedral Road Synagogue which was sold several years ago.