Tombstone symbols – Fish

December 26, 2009

We have two examples of ‘fish’ symbols from tombstones in Brady Street Jewish Cemetery. In both cases there is a single fish, although we understand that 2 fish may be featured and look identical. or very similar, to the symbol for ‘Pisces’.

Both of our examples are facing left and look very similar, although the stones were set around 20 years apart. On one the scales are still visible, suggestive of a carp, although it may just be a generic fish.

A fish can be used to denote the name Fischel but neither of our examples were called Fischel. They could have been fishmongers or fishermen: not such a far-fetched idea in those times when salmon could still be caught in the River Thames

Where two fish are present, they could represent the month of Adar: the month of Purim and a month of Good Fortune. The constellation of Pisces represents Judea.

The individuals with these tombstone symbols can be found by clicking on their name here:

Mr Ze’ev (Wolf) bar Alexander Woolf SOLOMONS died 27 Nov 1840

Fish Symbol

Fish Symbol

Nahum bar Hayyim zl Nathan HYAMS died 11 Sep 1823

Fish Symbol

Fish Symbol

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