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    Matches 10,351 to 10,380 of 10,472

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    10351 The link to this family is based on Biographies of Sir Julian Emanuel Solomons (Salomons)
    LEVIEN Sophia (I10423)
    10352 The marriage is after birth of many of the children and they could therefore have had a different mother. Maria (Leah) is however living with Michael Gashion and children in 1841 census. Family F141
    10353 The marriage seems a good fit eventhough the ages of the children would make its seem too late. Family F200
    10354 The Morning Post (London, England), Saturday, June 01, 1861; pg. 7; Issue 27286 MYERS Lawrence (I9514)
    10355 The name appears as an acrostic: Yitzhak ben Yisrael Yaacov and the year of his death is given as a Gematria of the Hebrew words meaning 'raiser of the orphans'. It works out to be 5564. Yitzhak ben Yisrael Yaacov (I2037)
    10356 The name on the tombstone is illegible so identification has been suggested based on the matching date of death found on the burial record. (NELSON?) Kate? [Gitel] (I2034)
    10357 The original family name was Joel and was changed on 19 Aug 1863 Colonel JOEL ELLIS Joseph [Joel b Isiah] (I3379)
    10358 The original headstone has a plaque over it with: Solomon Alex who departed this life 14th July 1845. The original stone has aged 76 years and also Cohen hands/blessing at the top. ALEX (HACOHEN) Solomon Cohen (I555)
    10359 The Otago Daily Times. FRIDAY, AUGUST 18, 1882 METZ Lion (I896)
    10360 The Roll of Honour
    Pilot Officer Hyam David Abrams, R.C.A.F. Pilot Officer Abrams died of injuries received in a flying accident. At the funeral the Revs. J. Weintrobe, C.F., and Michael Adler, D.S.O., officiated, and military honours were accorded. The dead officer's brother lives in Montreal. (Jewish Chronicle 15 Aug 1941) 
    ABRAMS Hyman David (I15788)
    10361 The Royal North Lancashire Regiment Lieutenant SOMAN Leon Asher (I13246)
    10362 The source of information for this family is Howard Davis. Family F1232
    10363 The Standard: Thurs Sept 3,1857 Death Joseph Levy- On the 31st ult. at the Strand Mr Joseph Levy aged 74 LEVY Joseph [Joseph b Dov (Ber)] (I2776)
    10364 The stone is too eroded and damaged to read more from the inscription. From the name alone this could be:
    HAMBURHL0829 Burial 1819 [15 May] LEVY Hyam
    HAMBURHL0830 Burial 1818 [25 Dec] LEVY Hyam 
    LEVY Hyam (I1781)
    10365 The surname could be her married name. BUNDEROFF Mary (I2484)
    10366 The surname may be her married name. SPILLA (SPILLARS?) Harriet (I1546)
    10367 The Times, Monday, Apr 15, 1895; Yachting Accident Near Lowestoft. A yachting accident on the Yare near Lowestoff, occured on Saturday afternoon, involving the loss of two lives. A party consisting of Mr A Tredwin, a member of the Stock Exchange; Mrs Barton, the two Misses Barton, of Albany Terrace, Regent's Park, and Dr Gatley, Surbiton, went from Oulton Rd in Mr Tredwin's yacht intending to sail to Yarmouth. The Yacht capsized when putting about and sank. Mr Tredwin and Miss Lily Barton were drowned, in spite of the gallant efforts of a boatman named Thomas Burgess. BARTON Lily Gertrude [Gertrude b Zvi HaLevi] (I8162)
    10368 The tombstone is headed "Hevrat Meshivat Nefesh". This was a "Society for the Relief of the Aged Needy of the Jewish Faith" established by the Ashkenazim of London in 1779.  SCHWAB (SCHWAAB) Joseph ben Chaim (I2047)
    10369 The tombstone states age at death as 49 years, while the index states age 47 years.  SAPOZNICOV Sarah [Chaya Sara] (I9604)
    10370 The tombstone was destroyed probably during WW2 bombing. SERLUI Lewie [Lewie b Moshe HaLevi] (I10642)
    10371 The woman Esther daughter of Avigdor 1820 [From surviving burial records] Esther b Avigdor (I13082)
    10372 Theologian and journalist Dr. BENISCH Abraham (I3223)
    10373 There appears to be a year of birth in the Hebrew inscription 5627 [2/Tues] Tishri (Tue 11 Sep 1866) but it does not match with his age at death which appears to be 46 or 41 years.  Nachum Meir ben Israel (I2489)
    10374 There are 3 possible inscriptions: Sarah b ... of the renowned leader R Zevi Hirsch Furst zl of Vienna ..
    Sarah daughter of the great and renowned ... widow of Zevi Hirsch zl died Mon 2 buried ... 5570?
    A worthy and pious woman, Sarah daughter of the well known worthy, widow of R Zevi Hirsch Ferst zl from Vienna died Mon 2 .. and buried .. 5500.
    NB there are 2 alternative years. 
    Sarah (I5211)
    10375 There are a variety of birth years indicated by the census and her age at death. Sarah (I6985)
    10376 There are errors on the 1841 census with the family listed as 'Simmonds' when they should be 'Jacobs' Family F3624
    10377 There are no headstones remaining as the cemetery is now a park. This information comes from transcriptions of the headstones: Deborah Baranov 19/4/1871 11 months. BARANOV Deborah (I4566)
    10378 There is a buirial record for a Leah Fisher died 12 May 1910 buried 13 May 1910, however the date on the tombstone is 3rd April 1910.  FISHER Leah (I14198)
    10379 There is a possible error on this entry and it may be Henry rather than Hannah. JACOBS Hannah (Henry?) (I7492)
    10380 There may have been an earlier child called Gabriel who died, see earlier Circumcision record BSMS 0540, 1814 [18 Jul] Gabriel b Joshua Angel Court Stoney Lane but, since no other details are given and the address is in a different part of London, this record may apply to a different parent and child. Family F875

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