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    Matches 10,441 to 10,470 of 10,495

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    10441 Tombstone not found, information from the Jewish Chronicle article of 13 Sep 1893: Naphtali from Durkheim who died and was buried on Thurs the 14 Tammuz 5575 aged 86. Henry Michaels.
    NB. 14 Tammuz 5575 = Shabbat July 22 1815, so not a Thurs. 
    MICHAELS (MICHOLLS) Henry (Hirsch) [Naphtali b Meir] (I13570)
    10442 Tombstone not yet located HAES David [David Asher HaLevi] (I16555)
    10443 Tombstone now completely eroded Phoebe (I9677)
    10444 Tombstone states she was 'from' the city of Szalialovo. This could be Zalalovo in Hungary. This does not mean she was born in this town. Charlotte [Shaindel] (I16992)
    10445 Transcription of Chatham tombstone by Dr. Nicholas de Lange
    Eliezer son of Phinehas [Pinchas] (Lazarus Magnus), died 31 July 5581 aged 45.  
    MAGNUS Lazarus Philip [Eliezer ben Phineas] (I9730)
    10446 Treasurer & President of the Edinburgh Hebrew congregation. MICHAEL Henry [Zvi b Jacob Michael] (I4140)
    10447 Treasurer and President of the Edinburgh Hebrew Congregation. GOLDSTON David [Moshe b Aharon] (I4095)
    10448 Treasurer of the Edinburgh Hebrew Congregation ABRAMS (ABRAHAMS) Hyam (Henry) [Chaim b Eliyahu] (I3135)
    10449 Treasurer of the Jewish Historical Society of England and President from 1929 ? 1934 TUCK Gustave (I9912)
    10450 Twin WAGG Moshe b Haim (I10348)
    10451 twin WAGG Beila b Haim (I10349)
    10452 Unable to find Elias in 1851, could be Lewis Gunstein? GREENSTEIN (GREENSTONE) (GUNSTEIN) Elias Joseph (I372)
    10453 Unable to read date of death SAMUEL Mariam (I531)
    10454 Unable to read first name on 1841 census AARON (AARONS) Charles (I394)
    10455 Uncle of Charles Kensington Salaman.  COWAN Henry [ b Aharon HaCohen] (I3163)
    10456 Unfortunately we did not find the headstone on our visit. SAMUEL Isaac (I8609)
    10457 Unfortunately, the headstone was not found on our visit to the cemetery. HEILBRONNER Fanny (I8610)
    10458 Unmarried Family F3528
    10459 Vice President of Adath Yisroel Synagogue RAU Jacob (I4470)
    10460 Warden of the Burial Society [Hevra Kadisha] and the Benevolent Society. David Meir (I3538)
    10461 Warden of the Western Synagogue SALMON John [Jacob b. Mordecai Rachmonus] (I2640)
    10462 We are confident that we have matched Benjamin Woolf Phillips with his correct parents however please note that the father Moses does not have HaLevi or SGL included in his name.  PHILLIPS Benjamin Woolf [Benjamin Ze'ev b. Moshe HaLevi] (I382)
    10463 We believe Martha was the first wife of Solomon B Gompertz and that there is an error in the transcription from Hoxton sources which would suggest Martha as having been born 1764 or 1765 given the marriage announcement of 1760. HYMAN Martha [Martha b Moses] (I5213)
    10464 We do not have a photo of this tombstone. HART Rebecca (I10939)
    10465 We think this is a match for Susser: Hayim ben Mordecai. Hyman Levy died 14 Kislev 5611 [= 19 November 1850].
    LEVI Hyman [Hayim b Mordecai] (I5027)
    10466 While Hannah (Sushannah) certainly married a Mr Jacobs as she is Hannah Jacobs a widow in 1841 & 1851 census, it is only a likely match that her husband was John Jacobs, it has not been proved. Family F120
    10467 widow of Michael Levy  Leah b Nathan (I3875)
    10468 Widow of the late Calman Bloom Jane (I23)
    10469 Wife is shown as widow in 1871 census, Charles therefore died between 1861 and 1871. MARKS Charles (I196)
    10470 Wife of Abraham Hyman (UNKNOWN) (unknown) (I111)

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