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    Matches 121 to 150 of 10,456

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    121 Amelia youngest daughter of the late Israel & Sarah ABRAHAMS died Aug 4th 5647 1886 Aged 92 years ABRAHAMS Amelia (I11647)
    122 Andrew Lewis De Metz' first wife was buried 12 Feb 1807 (Synagoguescribes BSHAMBUR 215) his second wife was probably Anne? who died 25 Feb 1860. As yet we are uncertain as to which children, if any, were from the first marriage.  DE METZ Andrew Lewis (I15736)
    123 Angelo was an expert in what was then the new occupation of Shorthand Writer. He specialised in shorthand reporting legal proceedings in the High Courts along with other members of his family.
    BENNETT Angelo [An(t)sel (Asher) b Morenu Yom Tov] (I2940)
    124 Ann was a widow at the time of her marriage to Samuel SOLOMON, previously married to (unknown) LEVY. Family F2702
    125 Annette the daughter of Moses and Alice LEVY 17th Apr 5600 (1840) aged 14 1/2 months [From surviving burial records] LEVY Annette (I13129)
    126 Announcement in The New York Evening Post' 12th December 1853. GOLDSMID John Louis (I7623)
    127 Around the top of the tombstone "Warsaw sick benefit society" SOMMER Israel [Israel Eliyahu b Abraham Joseph HaCohen] (I12470)
    128 As there are 2 alternative years and no months, the year of death could be 1809/10 or 1739/40 Sarah (I5211)
    129 Assumed the family name of Ellis ISRAEL (ELLIS) Samuel Helbert [Shmuel b Azreal] (I16130)
    130 At the Mount, East Indies. Mar 10th Georgina Lydia third daug of the late Barent Gompertz aged 10. - The Standard Aug 20 1829 GOMPERTZ Georgina Lydia (I15640)
    131 Aug 5613 JACOBS Lewis (I11712)
    132 Augustus son of Samuel and Sarah Russell departed this life on the 28th Aug 1822 aged 9 years RUSSELL Augustus (I15688)
    133 Author of :
    1851 - The Sanctity of the Sabbath, a lesson how to make proper use of our life. A lecture by Israel Albu from Berlin
    1851 - The Oath, an unpublished sermon by Mr Israel Albu from Berlin
    1851 - The life of Jacob foreshadowing the fate of Israel by Israel Albu of Berlin
    1852 - The four periods in the development of spiritual and religious life in man, a meditation on Sabbath by Israel Albu from Berlin
    1852 - Hours of devotion by Israel Albu, with dedication to Baroness Lionel de Rothschild. Author Israel Albu 27 Bury Street St Mary Axe
    1852 - An episode in the life of Abraham translated from the German of Israel Albu by I. Heinemann
    Rev. ALBU Israel (I1899)
    134 Bapt 10 Oct 1832 St Mary Abchurch GOLDSCHMIDT Amelia (I15168)
    135 Bapt 13 Mar 1832 St Mary Abchurch GOLDSCHMIDT Adolphus (I15169)
    136 baptised in St.John's church in Horsington Somerset on 10/4/1728 HISCOCK Mary (I8602)
    137 Benj Jacob Jones, Melbourne, Victoria, Age: 62, 1894
    Registration number: 10309
    JONES Benjamin Jacob (I11322)
    138 Benjamin's family name in this marriage is entered SOLOMONS but he later used the name FARMER. Note that his Hebrew name shown on the tombstone of his wife Phoebe includes Peuer/Puyer which is Yiddish for Farmer. FARMER (SOLOMONS) Benjamin (I898)
    139 Benjamin's son Leonard was awarded the VC at Lone Pine, Gallipoli in 1915. His medal is in the Australian War Memorial
    KYEZOR Benjamin Joseph (I9586)
    140 Bernard Greenbaum of East Kent Regiment died of dysentery after 4 years active service. GREENBAUM Bernard (I11109)
    141 Bilhah Gompertz eldest daughter of Barent Gompertz. One of this name died 26 Feb 1814 buried Hoxton 28th Feb.  GOMPERTZ Bila (Bilhah) (I5201)
    142 Birth date from 'Bevolkingsregister van Amsterdam 1851-1853, Joodse inwoners'  KANTEMAN Kate (Keetje) [Keila] (I5317)
    143 Birth place shown as Holland in 1851 census. MARKS Emanuel [Menachem b Moshe] (I3967)
    144 Birth registered Jan 1838, born late 1837. Mar 1838 Dover 5 113 NATHAN Henry. Additional Source French Death registration for Henry Nathan aged 1 year NATHAN Henry (I15961)
    145 Birth year from 1841 census Devonshire Street, St Botolph without Bishopsgate, surname Friedberg, also there Sarah Friedberg age 74. MORDECAI Jane (Judith) (Yetla) (I686)
    146 Birth year from age at death and place from headstone inscription  ROSNER Abram (I238)
    147 Born 1814 died aged 9 buried 18 Jan 1824. GOMPERTZ Joseph [Joseph b Ze'ev Emden] (I9741)
    148 Both Sir Albert and his son Edward were buried in the Mausoleum, but their rest was interrupted in 1933, when Sir Albert's grandson Sir Philip Sassoon sold it in 1933 and the remains of the family were transferred to London. Sir SASSOON Albert (I8367)
    149 Breina daughter of Mordechai JAFFE 27 Tammuz 558 [From surviving burial records] JAFFE Breina (I13077)
    150 Bride a minor. Married at bride's address 2, Aldgate Family F2329

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