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    Matches 91 to 120 of 10,495

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    91 Age taken from GRO rather than headstone. DAVIS Rachel [Rachel b Simon] (I3152)
    92 Aged 48 yrs at time of conviction. BARRAH OR BAXAH Uziel (I815)
    93 aka Van Noorden EZEKIEL Sarah Simon (I16628)
    94 Alcey Wife of Henry HART 50 years 21 October 5608 Alice (Alcey) (I11791)
    95 Alexander PHILLIPS aged 18years (1838?) [From surviving burial records] PHILLIPS Alexander (I13090)
    96 Also called Hartog Gompel De Groot DE GROOT Harry (Henry) G [Zvi b Mordecai] (I823)
    97 Also Salmen Emerich Gompertz GOMPERTZ Solomon Barent [Solomon b Issachai] (I5197)
    98 Also see 'The Lost Jews of Cornwall' full details under source. JOSEPH Henry [Zvi b Abraham] (I4256)
    99 Also spelt Flatan and Flattan FLATAU Reuben Nathaniel (I16313)
    100 Alternative birth 02 Oct 1737. Information from Westminster Parish record supplied by D. Coup MOSES Hester (I4252)
    101 Alternative birth 1836 Poland Judith A (I13338)
    102 Alternative birth date: 01 Jan 1735 MOSES Bilah (I9599)
    103 Alternative birth place Kurnik, Kr. Schrimm, Posen, Prussia BAUM Peter Frederick (I14374)
    104 Alternative birth year 1815. FELBER Beila Geitel [Beila Gitel b Joseph] (I14700)
    105 Alternative birth year from Obituary, 1789 BRUNSWICK Colette (I17434)
    106 Alternative birth year(s) Moses was more likely to have been born in 1771/2, from 1851 census (records his age as 80) But death certificate says age 94 years. RUSSELL Moses [Moshe b Michael] (I3008)
    107 Alternative birth years would be 1793 from 1841 census and 1796 from 1851 census. GASHION Michael (I424)
    108 Alternative date 24 Sep 1908 SMITH (ZMIDEK) David (I17273)
    109 Alternative date 30 May 1823 PHILLIPS Catherine [Keila] (I13984)
    110 Alternative date could be Tue 26 Jun 1838 (depending on the Hebrew year) however no GRO found for 1838. MEDEX Simon [Simcha b Kalonymous HaLevi] (I710)
    111 Alternative date from the English inscription: Oct 6 5561  AARON Rachel (I2025)
    112 Alternative date of death 6 Mar 1824 reported on the Probate records for the Will of George Woolf.  WOOLF George (Gershon) (I583)
    113 Alternative Hebrew name Jacob b Fishel. [Information supplied by H. Lipke] FINKLE Jacob [Jacob b Fishel] (I8615)
    114 Alternative name : Moshe b.Menachem SGL Sa?rov (Sofer) PHILLIPS Moses [Moshe b Nahum Sofer] (I378)
    115 Alternative name: Aharon b. Jacob from The Hague AARONS Aaron [Aharon b Jacob Hag (Hague)] (I1373)
    116 Alternative place of birth from 1911 census Kurland, Russia. Information from a visitor to the site: Harris was born Mitau, Kurland (modern day Jelgava, Latvia). GERSHON Harris [Harris Moshe b Ze'ev] (I7290)
    117 Alternative place of birth from 1911 census: Kurland, Russia, Bessy (Bertha) (I7291)
    118 Alternative spelling DuFrieze DEFRIES (DE FRIES / DE VRIES) Deborah (I4068)
    119 Alternative spellings of family name: Tharkrah, Thakray, Thackfray THARKRAH John (I7070)
    120 Alternative year Jan 1835 MOSES Rose (Rosa) [Rosa b Alexander] (I7347)

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