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  • West Ham Jewish Cemetery



    Matches 61 to 90 of 149

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
    61 HART Asher Hymen [Asher b Hiam]  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I15308
    62 HART Ernest [Isaac Jacob b Asher]  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I17305
    63 HART Hannah  29 Jun 1896West Ham Jewish Cemetery I12576
    64 HART John [Jacob b Hiam]  8 Nov 1880West Ham Jewish Cemetery I13787
    65 HARTOG Numa Edward, B.A.  20 Jun 1871West Ham Jewish Cemetery I16510
    66 HORWITZ Albert [Abraham b Nyman]  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I15474
    67 HYMAN Julia [Yettla b Moshe]  5 Jul 1871West Ham Jewish Cemetery I2815
    68 ISAACS Barnett  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I17368
    69 ISAACS Isaac [Isaac b Naphtali]  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I8018
    70 ISAACS Leah  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I17367
    71 ISAACS Lewis [Yehuda b David]  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I2263
    72 ISAACS Rachel  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I17369
    73 ISAACS Rachel [Rela b Meir]  23 Nov 1863West Ham Jewish Cemetery I14441
    74 ISAACS Solomon [Shlomo b Isaac]  29 Jan 1892West Ham Jewish Cemetery I17361
    75 JACOBS Esther (Hatty) [Egla b Benjamin Wolf Holtzman]  12 Jan 1864West Ham Jewish Cemetery I379
    76 JACOBS John [Jacob b Aharon]  15 Feb 1869West Ham Jewish Cemetery I14420
    77 JACOBSOHN John  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I5944
    78 JACOBSON Levy [Yehuda b Meir]  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I5176
    79 JOEL Henry [Tsevi Hirsh b Shlomeh]  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I6120
    80 DE JONG Abraham Simon [Jacob Abraham b Simeon]  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I16368
    81 JOSEPH Ann [Yentla b Nahom b Samel]  12 Apr 1867West Ham Jewish Cemetery I16461
    82 JOSEPH Eleanor (Ellen) [Ella b Samson or Simon]  6 Mar 1871West Ham Jewish Cemetery I15948
    83 JOSEPH Morris Simon [Mordecai b Simon]  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I16063
    84 JOSEPH Rachel  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I15309
    85 JOSEPH Rosa [Rezka b Joseph Schneider]  4 Mar 1873West Ham Jewish Cemetery I11148
    86 JUDAH Louisa [Miriam b Joseph]  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I5203
    87 KEYZOR OR BANDON Abraham  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I11817
    88 KOSMAN Sara  29 Jan 1872West Ham Jewish Cemetery I3870
    89 LAZARUS Emanuel  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I17341
    90 LAZARUS Israel  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I14421

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