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  • West Ham Jewish Cemetery



    Matches 91 to 120 of 149

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
    91 LAZARUS Marian (Miriam)  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I17342
    92 LAZARUS Sophia  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I17343
    93 LEVI Alexander [Elhannon b Isaac]  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I12504
    94 LEVY Aaron  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I5614
    95 LEVY Eleanor (Helena)  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I1244
    96 LEVY Hannah [Hannah b Tobi]  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I9503
    97 LEVY Maria [Miriam b Yehuda]  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I17503
    98 LEVY Martha (Mata)  07 Aug 1861West Ham Jewish Cemetery I15210
    99 LEVY Nathaniel (Turnpike) [Nathan b Yehuda HaLevi]  16 Sep 1860West Ham Jewish Cemetery I13990
    100 LEVY Sara [Sarah b Yehuda Leib]  16 Jan 1872West Ham Jewish Cemetery I16346
    101 MAGNUS Joseph [Joseph b Zvi]  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I12909
    102 MAGNUS Maria [Miriam b Joseph]  9 Apr 1868West Ham Jewish Cemetery I3913
    103 MAGNUS Simon [Simeon b Nathan]  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I12783
    104 MARGULIES Benjamin [Benjamin b Isaac]  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I14585
    105 MARKS Esther [Esther b Meir]  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I2803
    106 METZ Nanetta  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I3851
    107 MICHAEL Rachel Leah [Rahel Leah b Abraham]  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I6
    108 MORRIS Lionel [Yehuda b Moshe]  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I16351
    109 MOSES Sarah  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I14766
    110 MYERS Caroline [Gitla b Meir]  23 Jan 1872West Ham Jewish Cemetery I16421
    111 MYERS Hyam [Hiam b Michael]  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I13647
    112 MYERS Joseph Yuppy [Joseph b Samuel Halevi]  18 Sep 1871West Ham Jewish Cemetery I1594
    113 NATHAN Catherine [Gitla b Michael]  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I14437
    114 NATHAN Joseph [Joseph b Nathan Veilberg  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I16504
    115 PARK Joseph [Joseph b Eleazer]  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I15889
    116 PERL Polly (Pauline)  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I4615
    117 PHILLIPS Isaac [Isaac b Uri Feiss]  15 Jul 1877West Ham Jewish Cemetery I2390
    118 PHILLIPS Lazarus (Froom Lezer) [Eleazer b Uri]  20 Jan 1892West Ham Jewish Cemetery I17283
    119 PHILLIPS Lewis [Yehuda Leib b Uri Feiss]  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I12010
    120 PHILLIPS Rosa  West Ham Jewish Cemetery I12017

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