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  • Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery


    Latitude: 51.539773, Longitude: -0.0462219


    Matches 91 to 120 of 179

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
    91 HYAM Abraham  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I2024
    92 HYMAN Abraham  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I2012
    93 ISAAC Adelaide  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1916
    94 ISAAC (ISAACS) Alexander  01 Apr 1863Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1918
    95 ISAACS Abraham  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1728
    96 ISAACS Isaac  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1976
    97 ISAACS Michael  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1986
    98 ISRAEL Israel (Israels)  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1826
    99 ISRAEL Mark  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1725
    100 ISRAEL (ISRAELS) Ann  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1947
    101 JACOBS Solomon Levy  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1836
    102 JOEL Elizabeth  04 May 1856Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1746
    103 JONAS Benjamin  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1898
    104 JONES Alexander (Pinchas)  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1862
    105 JONES Alfred Alexander  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1868
    106 JONES Ann  12 Nov 1891Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1865
    107 JONES Faukland (Joshua)  19 Feb 1836Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1861
    108 JONES Jane (Gittela)  27 Dec 1863Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1863
    109 JONES John Alexander  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1869
    110 JONES Solomon [(Zelig) Reuben b Jonathon HaCohen]  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1959
    111 LAZARUS Betsy  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1697
    112 LAZARUS Betsy  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1984
    113 LEE Samuel  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1734
    114 LEVIEN Joicey  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I16587
    115 LEVY Ann [Nenla b Eleazer HaLevi]  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I10258
    116 LEVY Charlotte [Sheinia(?) b Yehuda HaLevi]  09 Dec 1858Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1955
    117 LEVY Hyam  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1781
    118 LEVY Isaac  29 Jul 1832Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1761
    119 LEVY Israel (Azriel ben David)  05 Sep 1861Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I2048
    120 LEVY Jane  Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery I1923

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