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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anne  1796Foreign I13099 CemeteryScribes.com  
2 Elizabeth  1753Foreign I3772 CemeteryScribes.com  
3 Gran?  1801Foreign I6804 CemeteryScribes.com  
4 Jane  1801Foreign I13847 CemeteryScribes.com  
5 Jannette (Jeannette)  1781Foreign I713 CemeteryScribes.com  
6 Lucy (Lucky?) or Elizabeth  1796Foreign I7069 CemeteryScribes.com  
7 Maria  1781Foreign I1200 CemeteryScribes.com  
8 Maria  1791Foreign I7249 CemeteryScribes.com  
9 Marian  1811Foreign I9568 CemeteryScribes.com  
10 Marianne  1804Foreign I1262 CemeteryScribes.com  
11 Mary  1786Foreign I1282 CemeteryScribes.com  
12 Yantio  1789Foreign I2049 CemeteryScribes.com  
13 AARONS Aaron  1762Foreign I3107 CemeteryScribes.com  
14 ALEX (HACOHEN) Solomon Cohen  1769Foreign I555 CemeteryScribes.com  
15 ALLEN Jacob  1761Foreign I1504 CemeteryScribes.com  
16 ALOOF Judah  1801Foreign I6803 CemeteryScribes.com  
17 ANSELL Abraham  1811Foreign I11685 CemeteryScribes.com  
18 BARNETT Barnett  1766Foreign I769 CemeteryScribes.com  
19 BEHRENS Solomon  1791Foreign I13098 CemeteryScribes.com  
20 BENJAMIN Bridget [Krendel]  1773Foreign I9719 CemeteryScribes.com  
21 BRODY Mark  1821Foreign I2866 CemeteryScribes.com  
22 COLLINS John Jacob [Jacob b Yitzhak]  1802Foreign I6719 CemeteryScribes.com  
23 DAVIDSON Meyer [Meir b David Davidsohn]  1791Foreign I6291 CemeteryScribes.com  
24 DAVIS Nathan  1776Foreign I646 CemeteryScribes.com  
25 DAVIS Noah [Noah b Isaac from Karg (?) ]  1791Foreign I10573 CemeteryScribes.com  
26 DEFREECE (DE FRECE) Abraham [Abraham b Baruch Benedet]  1806Foreign I11185 CemeteryScribes.com  
27 DURAN Abraham  1829Foreign I7595 CemeteryScribes.com  
28 ELIAS Joel  1784Foreign I15722 CemeteryScribes.com  
29 FRIEDLANDER Lesser [Eliezer Lazer b Tsevi Hirsh]  1810Foreign I6308 CemeteryScribes.com  
30 HART Mordecai  1791Foreign I11035 CemeteryScribes.com  
31 HICKMAN Lazarus [Eleazer]  1801Foreign I3102 CemeteryScribes.com  
32 HYAMS Michael Henry  1816Foreign I593 CemeteryScribes.com  
33 ISAACS Joseph  1763Foreign I3013 CemeteryScribes.com  
34 JACOBS Sarah  1786Foreign I647 CemeteryScribes.com  
35 KALISCHER Isaac [Isaac b Ekova]  1811Foreign I3081 CemeteryScribes.com  
36 KAUFFMAN Carl  1791Foreign I12855 CemeteryScribes.com  
37 LAZARUS Jonas  1776Foreign I10709 CemeteryScribes.com  
38 LEO Lipman or Leisman  1766Foreign I3773 CemeteryScribes.com  
39 LEVI Isaac [Isaac b Kalonymus]  1782Foreign I11632 CemeteryScribes.com  
40 LEVY Solomon  1776Foreign I1201 CemeteryScribes.com  
41 LEVY (LEVI) David  1771Foreign I1095 CemeteryScribes.com  
42 MALLAN Edward  1811Foreign I9567 CemeteryScribes.com  
43 MARKS Myer [Meir b.Gedaliah]  1791Foreign I2800 CemeteryScribes.com  
44 MICHOLLS Henry  1817Foreign I8852 CemeteryScribes.com  
45 MOMBACH Israel Lazarus [Israel Chaim b Eliezer]  1814Foreign I6228 CemeteryScribes.com  
46 MOSES Abraham [Abraham b Moshe]  1776Foreign I8828 CemeteryScribes.com  
47 MOSES Myer  1761Foreign I672 CemeteryScribes.com  
48 MOSES Rachel [Rachel b David Veisel (Weisel)]  1763Foreign I1513 CemeteryScribes.com  
49 NATHAN Joseph  1791Foreign I3513 CemeteryScribes.com  
50 ORNSTIEN Esther  1816Foreign I7250 CemeteryScribes.com  

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