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  • Hartlepool Jewish Cemetery


    Latitude: 54.6824924, Longitude: -1.2166969


    Matches 1 to 30 of 40

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
    1 Amelia  Hartlepool Jewish Cemetery I5280
    2 Annie [Chana b Yitzhak HaLevi]  Hartlepool Jewish Cemetery I4295
    3 Fanny  Hartlepool Jewish Cemetery I4330
    4 Helena  Hartlepool Jewish Cemetery I5274
    5 Marian [Miriam b Eliakum b Ari]  Hartlepool Jewish Cemetery I4303
    6 Shiprah [Shifra]  Hartlepool Jewish Cemetery I4271
    7 ABRAHAMS Eleanor  Hartlepool Jewish Cemetery I5271
    8 BARNETT Abraham [Avraham b Dov]  Hartlepool Jewish Cemetery I4266
    9 BARNETT Freda  Hartlepool Jewish Cemetery I4267
    10 BENJAMIN Samuel  Hartlepool Jewish Cemetery I4268
    11 BLOOM Louis [Ari Leib b Mordicai]  Hartlepool Jewish Cemetery I5283
    12 BRICK Abraham Israel [Avrahom b Yishroel]  Hartlepool Jewish Cemetery I5285
    13 BROADY Barnett [Baruch b Yishroel]  Hartlepool Jewish Cemetery I5290
    14 BROADY Edward [Asher b Baruch HaLevi]  Hartlepool Jewish Cemetery I5289
    15 BROADY Israel [Israel b Yitzhak]  Hartlepool Jewish Cemetery I4270
    16 CASSEL Jeannie (Jennie) [Sheina b Avrahom Michal]  Hartlepool Jewish Cemetery I5284
    17 COHEN Morris [Meir b Yehoshua Shlomo]  Hartlepool Jewish Cemetery I4279
    18 HART Kate (Catherine) [Gitel b Eliezer HaCohen]  Hartlepool Jewish Cemetery I4320
    19 HIRSCHFELD Hyman [Chaim b Yehuda]  Hartlepool Jewish Cemetery I4280
    20 HUSH Sarah [Sarah b Yitshak]  Hartlepool Jewish Cemetery I4289
    21 JACOBS Dora Alice  Hartlepool Jewish Cemetery I5291
    22 KAUFMAN Isaac [Yitzhak b Shalom]  Hartlepool Jewish Cemetery I4290
    23 KAUFMAN Solomon  Hartlepool Jewish Cemetery I4292
    24 LEVEY Fanny  Hartlepool Jewish Cemetery I5265
    25 LEVEY Minni  Hartlepool Jewish Cemetery I5264
    26 LEVY Harry [Aharon Zvi b Shlomo HaLevy]  Hartlepool Jewish Cemetery I4301
    27 LEVY Hinda [Hinda b Yehuda]  Hartlepool Jewish Cemetery I4293
    28 LEVY Jacob  Hartlepool Jewish Cemetery I4302
    29 LEVY Louis [Yehuda b Ari HaLevy]  Hartlepool Jewish Cemetery I4294
    30 LEVY Rachel  Hartlepool Jewish Cemetery I4291

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