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  • Mile End, London



    Matches 31 to 60 of 60

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    31 JOEL Ethel  1886Mile End, London I11923
    32 JOEL Jane  1882Mile End, London I11921
    33 JOEL John  1884Mile End, London I6113
    34 JOEL Julia  1889Mile End, London I11917
    35 JOEL Marie  1883Mile End, London I11922
    36 JOEL Michael  1893Mile End, London I11919
    37 JOEL Rachel  1882Mile End, London I6112
    38 JOEL Rachel  1891Mile End, London I11918
    39 MOSES Kate  1866Mile End, London I6974
    40 NATHAN Frances  1839Mile End, London I6494
    41 NATHAN Rebecca  1813Mile End, London I799
    42 ROMAIN (ANIDJAR - ROMAIN) Joel  1873Mile End, London I6843
    43 ROMAIN (ANIDJAR - ROMAIN) Moses  1875Mile End, London I6844
    44 ROSEN Fanny  1891Mile End, London I6001
    45 ROSEN Jacob  1889Mile End, London I6000
    46 SOLOMON Angel  1897Mile End, London I15052
    47 SOLOMON David  1890Mile End, London I15050
    48 SOLOMON Henry  1887Mile End, London I15049
    49 SOLOMON Phillip  1892Mile End, London I15051
    50 SOLOMON Sarah  1885Mile End, London I15048
    51 STIBBE Rosetta [Reitza b David]  1853Mile End, London I4519
    52 VAN GOOR Helen  1836Mile End, London I11249
    53 VENTURA David  1872Mile End, London I15525
    54 VENTURA Eli  1874Mile End, London I15526
    55 VENTURA Isaac  1868Mile End, London I15522
    56 WOLFSBERGEN Annie  1883Mile End, London I11413
    57 WOLFSBERGEN Benjamin  1885Mile End, London I11414
    58 WOLFSBERGEN Harry  1887Mile End, London I11416
    59 WOLFSBERGEN Marcus  1886Mile End, London I11415
    60 WOLFSBERGEN Maurice  1882Mile End, London I11412

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