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  • Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London



    Photos 3 Photos

    History - The Old and New Spanish and Portuguese Cemeteries - off Mile End Road
    History - The Old and New Spanish and Portuguese Cemeteries - off Mile End Road
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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
    1 ZABBAN Vitale  24 Sep 1878Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I19082
    2 VENTURA Sarah  Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I15531
    3 VENTURA Helena (Leah) Samuel  28 Sep 1900Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I7214
    4 VENTURA Eleazer Isaac  21 Mar 1899Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I15520
    5 VAN ENGEL Betje (Elizabeth) Moses  21 Sep 1887Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I17678
    6 VALENTINE Emanuel Abraham Henriques  Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I19051
    7 TOLANO Rachel Joseph  16 Feb 1882Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I7134
    8 SUHAMI (SAMUEL) Daniel Samuel  18 Mar 1878Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I19074
    9 SUHAMI Samuel Daniel  14 Sep 1883Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I17746
    10 SUHAMI Elizabeth Jacob Samuel  1 Dec 1889Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I17755
    11 SPYER Selina [Sarah b Jacob]  2 May 1918Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I17641
    12 SPIERS Theresa Lizzie [Toiva Tzirtsa b Dov Shpayers ]  24 Nov 1897Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I7502
    13 SOLOMONS Miriam  6 Apr 1921Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I6958
    14 SOLOMON Maria (Miriam)  11 Mar 1897Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I11485
    15 SIMONS Hannah Isaac  13 Jan 1895Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I17709
    16 SIMMONS Esther Emanuel  5 Aug 1878Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I19083
    17 SIMHA Miriam [Merla]  7 Oct 1877Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I19058
    18 SICHEL Henrietta Francisca  17 Jan 1915Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I8222
    19 SERVILLE? Rosetta  Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I7163
    20 SEQUERRA Meshoda  9 Apr 1891Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I6800
    21 SEBAG-MONTEFIORE Joseph  21 Jan 1903Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I17701
    22 SEBAG-MONTEFIORE Ferdinand (Hiam)  4 Jun 1880Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I17702
    23 ROMAIN (ANIDJAR - ROMAIN) David Moses  22 Feb 1898Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I6841
    24 ROMAIN (ANIDJAR - ROMAIN) Abraham Richard  Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I6847
    25 ROMAIN (ANIDJAR - ROMAIN) Abraham Moses  14 Feb 1898Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I6836
    26 ROGERS (COHEN-ROGERS) Maurice (Moses) [Moshe b Jacob HaCohen]  7 Mar 1882Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I7465
    27 PYKE Maria  1 Jan 1892Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I6783
    28 PINTO (DE SOLA - PINTO) Adrian  Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I7915
    29 PINTO Morris Abraham  Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I15468
    30 PIMENTEL FONSECA Samuel  Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I19057

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