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  • Streatham Jewish Cemetery



    Matches 1 to 30 of 104

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
    1 Annie  Streatham Jewish Cemetery I17388
    2 Bella [Biela b Hiam Reuben]  Streatham Jewish Cemetery I17254
    3 Bloomah [Bloomah b Mordecai]  Streatham Jewish Cemetery I17266
    4 Esther [Esther b Dov Ber]  Streatham Jewish Cemetery I17127
    5 Fanny  Streatham Jewish Cemetery I17077
    6 Fanny [Frida b Moshe HaLevy]  Streatham Jewish Cemetery I17174
    7 Feiga [Feigla b R. Zvi Aron]  Streatham Jewish Cemetery I17073
    8 Geirtal [Gitla Rebbashe? b Mordecai]  Streatham Jewish Cemetery I17230
    9 Jessie  Streatham Jewish Cemetery I17176
    10 Kate  Streatham Jewish Cemetery I17088
    11 Leah [Leah b Ber]  Streatham Jewish Cemetery I17214
    12 Lily [Leah b Dov]  Streatham Jewish Cemetery I17264
    13 NEGIN Louis  Streatham Jewish Cemetery I17468
    14 Milly [Malka Sheina b Hiam]  Streatham Jewish Cemetery I17202
    15 Rachel [Rahel b Isaac Hiam]  Streatham Jewish Cemetery I17141
    16 Rebecca [Beila Golda b Zev]  Streatham Jewish Cemetery I17075
    17 Rebecca [Ribca .. b Moshe  Streatham Jewish Cemetery I17138
    18 Sarah Bessie [Sara Pesa b Moshe]  Streatham Jewish Cemetery I17206
    19 Sarah Harriet [Sara b Gershon]  Streatham Jewish Cemetery I17193
    20 Sarah [Sara b Isaac]  Streatham Jewish Cemetery I17172
    21 Sarah [Sara Ribka b Benjamin]  Streatham Jewish Cemetery I17143
    22 Stepa? Stera  Streatham Jewish Cemetery I17129
    23 ABELSON Jacob Harris  Streatham Jewish Cemetery I17384
    24 ABRAHAMOVITCH Myer [Meir b Menhas Mendel HaCohen]  Streatham Jewish Cemetery I17093
    25 ABRAHAMSON Isaac Mendel  Streatham Jewish Cemetery I17072
    26 ABRAMOVICI Phillip  Streatham Jewish Cemetery I17385
    27 ALBERG Isaac [Isaac b Shlomo Zalman]  Streatham Jewish Cemetery I17047
    28 ALTWARG Annie  Streatham Jewish Cemetery I17286
    29 APPLEBAUM Morris  Streatham Jewish Cemetery I17090
    30 BIRNBAUM Hyman [Moshe Hiam b Yoshe?]  Streatham Jewish Cemetery I17251

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