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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Sarah  1808Warwickshire  I4338 CemeteryScribes.com  
2 ABELSON Walter  1870Warwickshire I9978 CemeteryScribes.com  
3 ABRAHAMS Jules  1861Warwickshire  I6762 CemeteryScribes.com  
4 BARNETT Sophie Rebecca  1841Warwickshire I8775 CemeteryScribes.com  
5 BRITTON Samson  1870Warwickshire I13953 CemeteryScribes.com  
6 DURLACHER Lewis [Yudah b Solomon]  1792Warwickshire I9126 CemeteryScribes.com  
7 GOLDWATER John  1864Warwickshire  I6938 CemeteryScribes.com  
8 JACOBS Ada  1867Warwickshire  I5127 CemeteryScribes.com  
9 JACOBS Albert  1869Warwickshire  I5128 CemeteryScribes.com  
10 KINSBERGEN Rebecca  1860Warwickshire  I5320 CemeteryScribes.com  
11 LLOYD Isabella  1812Warwickshire I9344 CemeteryScribes.com  
12 MARKS Sarah  1861Warwickshire I13906 CemeteryScribes.com  
13 NATHAN Albert  1861Warwickshire I15239 CemeteryScribes.com  
14 NATHAN Charlotte  1853Warwickshire I15236 CemeteryScribes.com  
15 NATHAN Louis  1858Warwickshire I15238 CemeteryScribes.com  
16 NATHAN Matilda  1856Warwickshire I15237 CemeteryScribes.com  

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