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  • Deane Road Cemetery



    Matches 1 to 15 of 15

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
    1 Bertha [Bilah b Raphael HaCohen]  Deane Road Cemetery I16294
    2 Celia (Sarah) [Tserel Mila]  Deane Road Cemetery I16272
    3 Mary [Merla b David]  Deane Road Cemetery I16312
    4 AARON (AARONS) Joseph [Joseph b Phineas]  Deane Road Cemetery I395
    5 AUERBACH Solomon [Shlomeh b Abraham Moshe]  Deane Road Cemetery I16295
    6 HARRIS Rachel  Deane Road Cemetery I16260
    7 HART Sarah [Sarah b Menahem  Deane Road Cemetery I10699
    8 HIME Julia [Gitel b Eliahu]  Deane Road Cemetery I16279
    9 ISRAEL Harriet [Hannah b Azreal b. Isaac Halbershtat]  Deane Road Cemetery I16132
    10 LEVY (LEWIS) David Lewis [Dov b Benjamin HaLevi]  Deane Road Cemetery I15214
    11 MOSS Barnet  Deane Road Cemetery I16176
    12 MYERS Henrietta [Hannah b Gabriel]  Deane Road Cemetery I16145
    13 PRAG Jacob  Deane Road Cemetery I16304
    14 ROSENHEIM Joseph Leopold [Joseph b Yehuda HaLevi]  Deane Road Cemetery I16310
    15 SWIFT Abraham Oswald [Abraham Asher b Joshua]  21 Jul 1892Deane Road Cemetery I16287

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