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  • East Ham Jewish Cemetery


    Latitude: 51.5328777, Longitude: 0.0533842


    Matches 1 to 30 of 33

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
    1 Dora (Devorah)  East Ham Jewish Cemetery I275
    2 (UNKNOWN) (unknown)  East Ham Jewish Cemetery I111
    3 ABRAMS L  East Ham Jewish Cemetery I15808
    4 BAKAL N  East Ham Jewish Cemetery I15809
    5 BANIN M  East Ham Jewish Cemetery I15810
    6 BARRON C. L.  East Ham Jewish Cemetery I15812
    7 BERKOVITCH L  East Ham Jewish Cemetery I15814
    8 BLOCH O  East Ham Jewish Cemetery I15815
    9 BLOCK S  East Ham Jewish Cemetery I15816
    10 BRIBRAM Vilem  East Ham Jewish Cemetery I15817
    11 BUCHSBAUM S  East Ham Jewish Cemetery I15813
    12 CAPLAN M. M, DFM  East Ham Jewish Cemetery I15818
    13 CAROL L  East Ham Jewish Cemetery I15819
    14 CHALK S  East Ham Jewish Cemetery I15820
    15 COHEN J  East Ham Jewish Cemetery I15821
    16 COHEN J. N.  East Ham Jewish Cemetery I15822
    17 COHEN Lawrence  East Ham Jewish Cemetery I30
    18 CORNBLEET Solomon (Solly) [Shlomo b Hiam Israel]  East Ham Jewish Cemetery I15823
    19 DAVIS Woolf  01 Oct 1920East Ham Jewish Cemetery  I15558
    20 DUIS Levie (Louis)  East Ham Jewish Cemetery I55
    21 FREEDMAN Rachel  01 May 1919East Ham Jewish Cemetery I7260
    22 GORWITCH Rose  24 Jul 1922East Ham Jewish Cemetery I7258
    23 GOSCHOWSKY Deborah [Deborah b Hiam Leib Yehudah]  East Ham Jewish cemetery I12487
    24 LYONS Katherine [Keila b Zvi]  East Ham Jewish cemetery I12921
    25 LYONS Rosetta  East Ham Jewish Cemetery I113
    26 MARCUS Mary [Miriam b Joseph]  23 Jul 1919East Ham Jewish Cemetery I7269
    27 NATHAN Abraham [Abraham b Zvi]  28 Dec 1919East Ham Jewish cemetery I12916
    28 ROTHBERG Annie  East Ham Jewish Cemetery I239
    29 SACKWILD Abraham  30 Oct 1923East Ham Jewish Cemetery I7257
    30 SASIENI Levi  East Ham Jewish Cemetery I244

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