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  • Exeter Jewish Cemetery


    Latitude: 50.7218, Longitude: -3.533617


    Matches 1 to 30 of 74

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
    1 Betsy (Elizabeth) [Beila b Naphsali HaLevy]  Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5047
    2 Dorothy  Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5647
    3 Elizabeth [Breina]  Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5059
    4 Elizabeth [Gela b Shmuel]  Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5040
    5 Esther [Esther b Menachem]  Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5153
    6 Fanny [Shprinze b Jacob]  29 Sep 1851Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5035
    7 Fogel [Feigela b Zvi]  31 Oct 1856Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5300
    8 Gitela [Gila?]  Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5145
    9 Harriet [Chaya]  Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5294
    10 Isabella [Micla b Aharon]  16 Nov 1859Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5150
    11 Julia [Gitela b Nathan]  18 Jul 1836Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5072
    12 Louisa [Yetta b Shmuel]  Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5301
    13 Nancy  Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5673
    14 Phoebe [Jochebed b ?]  Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5057
    15 Yitzhak b Pesach  Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5033
    16 AARONS Aaron [Aaron b Asher]  Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5674
    17 AARONS Fanny  Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5296
    18 AARONS Solomon [Asher b Aharon]  Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5297
    19 ABRAMS Hyman David  Exeter Jewish Cemetery I15788
    20 ALEXANDER Alexander [Aleksander b Eliezer]  Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5115
    21 ALEXANDER Lawrence [Eliezer Lipman b Aleksander]  Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5154
    22 ALEXANDER Levy [Eliezer b Aleksander]  23 Nov 1853Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5034
    23 ALEXANDER Moses [Moshe b Jacob]  Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5156
    24 BERNSTEIN Golda [Golda b Mordecai]  Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5114
    25 COHEN David  Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5159
    26 COHEN Hymen (Hyman) [Hayim b Yitzak HaCohen]  Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5056
    27 COHEN Lazarus [Eliezer b Menachem Katz]  Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5143
    28 DAVID (DAVIS?) Jacob [Jacob b David]  Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5045
    29 DAVIS Judith  Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5081
    30 EZEKIEL Amelia [Malka b Avrahom]  Exeter Jewish Cemetery I5078

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