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  • Germany (Prussia)



    Matches 31 to 60 of 66

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    31 HAIMES OR HAINES Lewis [Yehuda b Meir]  1820Germany (Prussia) I3310
    32 HAINES Marcus  1851Germany (Prussia) I3312
    33 HAMMEL David [David b Shlomeh]  1858Germany (Prussia) I4608
    34 HARRIS Solomon [Shlomeh Chaim b Eliyakum Getshlik]  1831Germany (Prussia) I6203
    35 HUSH Isaac [Yitzhak b Zvi]  1846Germany (Prussia) I4281
    36 JACOBS Janey  1859Germany (Prussia) I1686
    37 JACOBS Siegmund  1829Germany (Prussia) I1685
    38 JORKE (YORKS) Joseph [Moshe b Hosea]  1821Germany (Prussia) I4802
    39 LAMBERT Charlotte  1801Germany (Prussia) I1487
    40 LAZARECK Samuel [Shmay'e? b Eliezar]  1836Germany (Prussia) I4790
    41 LEVY David [David Israel b Elchanon]  1771Germany (Prussia) I2904
    42 LIEBMAN (LEIBMAN / LIPMAN) Myer (Meyer / Mier / Moses)  1785Germany (Prussia) I714
    43 LYONS Joseph [Joseph b Yehuda]  1788Germany (Prussia) I368
    44 MICHAEL David  1727Germany (Prussia) I4781
    45 NOAH Max  1857Germany (Prussia) I5386
    46 REIMAN David  1870Germany (Prussia) I6004
    47 REIMAN Emma  1873Germany (Prussia) I6005
    48 REIMAN Isaac John [Yitzhak b Levi]  1839Germany (Prussia) I6002
    49 REUBENS Leah  1876Germany (Prussia) I5496
    50 ROSENBERG Jacob  1856Germany (Prussia) I2287
    51 SCHIFF Saling [Shalom b Avrahom]  1822Germany (Prussia) I5718
    52 SCHWAB Isidor Moses [Israel b Moshe]  1863Germany (Prussia) I4465
    53 SHUTER Isaac  1819Germany (Prussia) I4558
    54 SIMMONS Esther  1846Germany (Prussia) I2407
    55 SONNEBERG Caroline  Germany (Prussia) I3664
    56 WITKOWSKI (WITOKSKI) Fanny Bensusan [Freida b Yechezkel]  1843Germany (Prussia) I5286
    57 WITTENBERG Leopold Mayer  1842Germany (Prussia) I5893
    58 WOOLFE Abraham  1814Germany (Prussia) I277
    59 WULFSON Hannah  1834Germany (Prussia) I1711
    60 WULFSON Herman  1824Germany (Prussia) I1699

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