Manchester, Lancashire



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Nellie  1867Manchester, Lancashire I11222 CemeteryScribes.com  
2 Rosetta  1839Manchester, Lancashire I7982 CemeteryScribes.com  
3 Sarah  1842Manchester, Lancashire I7753 CemeteryScribes.com  
4 ANDRADE (DA COSTA - ANDRADE) Solomon Henry  1855Manchester, Lancashire I7674 CemeteryScribes.com  
5 ENTICKNAP Emily Theresa  1867Manchester, Lancashire I7859 CemeteryScribes.com  
6 FALK Alexander  1863Manchester, Lancashire I7754 CemeteryScribes.com  
7 FALK Arthur Lionel  1869Manchester, Lancashire I7756 CemeteryScribes.com  
8 FALK Beatrice H  1874Manchester, Lancashire I7758 CemeteryScribes.com  
9 FALK Ethel G  1877Manchester, Lancashire I7759 CemeteryScribes.com  
10 FALK Florence  1865Manchester, Lancashire I7755 CemeteryScribes.com  
11 FALK Frederick W  1873Manchester, Lancashire I7757 CemeteryScribes.com  
12 FRANKENSTEIN Samuel M  1840Manchester, Lancashire I11427 CemeteryScribes.com  
13 FRANKLIN Ellen [Ellen? b Moshe]  1860Manchester, Lancashire I10745 CemeteryScribes.com  
14 HILDESHEIMER Abraham Alfred  1874Manchester, Lancashire I11133 CemeteryScribes.com  
15 HILDESHEIMER Alice  1876Manchester, Lancashire I11134 CemeteryScribes.com  
16 ISAACS Rebecca  1826Manchester, Lancashire I10594 CemeteryScribes.com  
17 LEVERSON Henry  1858Manchester, Lancashire I12025 CemeteryScribes.com  
18 LEVERSON Jane  1861Manchester, Lancashire I12026 CemeteryScribes.com  
19 LEVERSON Rudolph  1854Manchester, Lancashire I12024 CemeteryScribes.com  
20 SAMSON Henry  1847Manchester, Lancashire I10606 CemeteryScribes.com  


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 HARRIS Hannah (Annie)  23 Nov 1872Manchester, Lancashire I10627 CemeteryScribes.com  

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