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  • Nuevo, re-interred at Brentwood



    Matches 1 to 23 of 23

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
    1 Rebecca  12 Aug 1866Nuevo, re-interred at Brentwood I17897
    2 ABRAHAM? Esther Isaac Abraham  5 Feb 1871Nuevo, re-interred at Brentwood I7010
    3 ABRAHAMS Rosetta [Rivka b Abraham]  1863Nuevo, re-interred at Brentwood I17775
    4 ANCONA Esther  1863Nuevo, re-interred at Brentwood I13579
    5 ANDRADE (DA COSTA ANDRADE) Benjamin David  Nuevo, re-interred at Brentwood I14020
    6 BRANDON Gabriel Joseph Israel  10 Oct 1804Nuevo, re-interred at Brentwood I17824
    7 BRANDON Joseph Gabriel Israel  20 Sep 1855Nuevo, re-interred at Brentwood I17829
    8 BRANDON Lea Jeosua Israel  12 Mar 1805Nuevo, re-interred at Brentwood I17825
    9 BRANDON Samuel Gabriel Israel  30 May 1853Nuevo, re-interred at Brentwood I7009
    10 DE PIZA Rachel Emanuel  25 Jul 1852Nuevo, re-interred at Brentwood I17830
    11 DE SOLA Samuel David  9 Sep 1866Nuevo, re-interred at Brentwood I17797
    12 GIDEON (ABUDIENTE) Batsheba  24 Nov 1780Nuevo, re-interred at Brentwood I17810
    13 LINDO Abigail David  30 Aug 1848Nuevo, re-interred at Brentwood I17859
    14 LINDO David Abarbanel  27 Feb 1852Nuevo, re-interred at Brentwood I17855
    15 LINDO Elias David Abarbanel  15 Sep 1875Nuevo, re-interred at Brentwood I17490
    16 LINDO Esther David  29 Aug 1860Nuevo, re-interred at Brentwood I17858
    17 LINDO Gabriel David  1 Jun 1832Nuevo, re-interred at Brentwood I17867
    18 MARTIN (NUNES MARTINES) Abigail Aron  1862Nuevo, re-interred at Brentwood I17774
    19 MARTIN (NUNES MARTINES) Joseph Moses  1847Nuevo, re-interred at Brentwood I17771
    20 MARTIN (NUNES MARTINES) Solomon Abraham  19 Jul 1872Nuevo, re-interred at Brentwood I17767
    21 MOCATTA Sarah  7 Nov 1852Nuevo, re-interred at Brentwood I17856
    22 MUDAHI Dinah (Judith) Elimaleh  Nuevo, re-interred at Brentwood I17772
    23 RODRIGUES Judith (Jeuditha) Saul  Nuevo, re-interred at Brentwood I14021

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