Green Lane Jewish Cemetery, Liverpool, Merseyside, 1. England, UK

The first deed in 1849 was in favour of Elias Moss pawn broker and silver smith, Barnet Lyon Joseph Jeweller and Silversmith. Isaac Lee watchmaker, Louis Harris tailor & draper.

Another deed dated 21 Feb 1880 issued by Memorial Court of the Manor of West Derby, in favour of Barnet Lyon Joseph the said Louis Harris having died on the 27 Aug 1849, Elias Moss on 31 Aug 1849 and Isaac Lee on 6 Jan 1854.

The 1979 survey estimated 700 interments of which 415 have tombstones in reasonable condition and 332 plots with no tombstone, which may either be empty or just not have a marker.

See http://synagoguescribes.com/blog/green-lane-cemetery-liverpool/ for more information.


 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Cemetery Name)
Robinson, Henry
Robinson, Henry
Not yet located    ROBINSON (ROBICSEK) Henry [Zvi b Menhas HaLevi] (d. 07 May 1909)
Robinson, Mary nee Pillischer
Robinson, Mary nee Pillischer
Not yet located    PILLISCHER Mary [Miriam b Moshe] (d. 04 Nov 1933)

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