Northampton Jewish Cemetery, England, Medieval Cemeteries

Extract from JTrails http://www.jtrails.org.uk with the kind permission of Marcus Roberts, with additional contributions from Michael Jolles:
"In its day the cemetery would have had a substantial wall, with a gate, surrounded by a deep ditch. The cemetery also had a house for funeral rites, and lodging for a watchman. The house probably lay on the highway, fronting, and concealing, the cemetery behind. There was probably a narrow entry to the gate off the side of the house. The burials would have been in neat rows, with male and female burials kept separate. Most burials would have had tombstones set facing outwards at the foot of the grave".
For more information and to read the whole article please follow this link to item 9 at http://www.jtrails.org.uk/trails/northampton/places-of-interest#pc335


 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Cemetery Name)
Solomon? b Moses?, Rabbi
Solomon? b Moses?, Rabbi
The Northampton Museum see also http://www.jtrails.org.uk Marcus Roberts
(Founder and Director JTrails) identified this as England's only example of a medieval Jewish tombstone.
Located    Solomon? b Moses?

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