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 Thumb   Description   Cemetery   Status   Linked to   Last Modified 
Norden, Abraham
Norden, Abraham
Ref: JL265 
Brady Street Jewish Cemetery Located    17 Oct 2015
Woolf, Rachel (nee Hart)
Woolf, Rachel (nee Hart)
Ref: KB7130 
     1 Oct 2015
Marks, Abraham
Marks, Abraham
Ref: KB7131 
West Ham Jewish Cemetery (Buckingham Rd) Located    1 Oct 2015
Levy, Julia
Levy, Julia
Ref: KB7128 
West Ham Jewish Cemetery (Buckingham Rd) Located    26 Sep 2015
Pyke, John Lyon
Pyke, John Lyon
Ref: KB7127 
West Ham Jewish Cemetery (Buckingham Rd) Located    24 Sep 2015
Marks, Rachel (married name)
Marks, Rachel (married name)
Ref: KB7118 
West Ham Jewish Cemetery (Buckingham Rd) Located    23 Sep 2015
Lazarus, Rebecca (married name)
Lazarus, Rebecca (married name)
Ref: KB7116 
West Ham Jewish Cemetery (Buckingham Rd) Located    23 Sep 2015
Jacobs, Fanny nee Noah
Jacobs, Fanny nee Noah
Ref: KB7108 
West Ham Jewish Cemetery (Buckingham Rd) Located    13 Sep 2015
Levy, Hyam
Levy, Hyam
Ref: KB7105 
West Ham Jewish Cemetery (Buckingham Rd) Located    30 Aug 2015
Simmons, Isaiah Joshua
Simmons, Isaiah Joshua
Ref: KB7088 
West Ham Jewish Cemetery (Buckingham Rd) Located    30 Aug 2015
Foligno, Rose
Foligno, Rose
Ref: K1197 
Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery  Located    30 Aug 2015


 ID   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Born   Tree   Last Modified 
SIMEON Peter [Phineas b Simon] 
   CemeteryScribes.com  5 Nov 2015
SALOMONS Julia [Beila b Ber b Zelig Emden] 
b. 21 Apr 1823  Old Change, Cheapside  CemeteryScribes.com  31 Oct 2015
SCHULTZ Lewis [Yehuda b Joseph] 
b. 1779  Warsaw, Poland  CemeteryScribes.com  20 Oct 2015
BAUM Godfried (Godfrey, Gottfried) 
b. 8 May 1836  Hamburg, Germany  CemeteryScribes.com  17 Oct 2015
b. 1804  Altona, Hamburg, Germany  CemeteryScribes.com  17 Oct 2015
BAUM Peter Frederick 
b. 1796  Hamburg, Germany  CemeteryScribes.com  17 Oct 2015
   CemeteryScribes.com  17 Oct 2015
NORDEN Abraham 
b. 1758   CemeteryScribes.com  17 Oct 2015
NORDEN Pinchas 
   CemeteryScribes.com  17 Oct 2015
NORDEN Betsey (Beile) 
   CemeteryScribes.com  17 Oct 2015
NORDEN Yehuda Mordecai 
   CemeteryScribes.com  17 Oct 2015
NORDEN Jacob b Yehuda 
b. 1757   CemeteryScribes.com  17 Oct 2015
MARKS Aaron [Aharon b Michael] 
b. 1809  Poland  CemeteryScribes.com  1 Oct 2015
MARKS Julia 
b. 1855  London  CemeteryScribes.com  1 Oct 2015
MARKS Sarah 
b. 1851  London  CemeteryScribes.com  1 Oct 2015
MARKS Michael 
b. 1850   CemeteryScribes.com  1 Oct 2015
MARKS Floretta 
b. 1846  London  CemeteryScribes.com  1 Oct 2015
MARKS Caroline 
b. 1843  London  CemeteryScribes.com  1 Oct 2015
MARKS Joseph 
b. 1841  Middlesex  CemeteryScribes.com  1 Oct 2015
MARKS Phoebe 
b. 1839  Middlesex  CemeteryScribes.com  1 Oct 2015


 ID   Father ID   Father's Name   Mother ID   Married   Tree   Last Modified 
 F3645  I16522  NORDEN Yehuda Mordecai      CemeteryScribes.com  17 Oct 2015
 F3646  I16880  NORDEN Abraham  I16882    CemeteryScribes.com  17 Oct 2015
 F3579  I16513  MOSS Joseph  I16514    CemeteryScribes.com  17 Oct 2015
 F3644  I16867  MARKS Aaron [Aharon b Michael]  I16868    CemeteryScribes.com  1 Oct 2015
 F3643  I16864  WOOLF (WOLF) Benjamin [Benjamin Ze'ev b Abraham HaLevi]  I16863  7 May 1844  CemeteryScribes.com  1 Oct 2015
 F3641  I16854  LEVY John [Jacob b. Levi]  I16855  10 Jun 1834  CemeteryScribes.com  26 Sep 2015
 F3642  I16856  LEVY      CemeteryScribes.com  25 Sep 2015
 F3640  I16853  LEVY [Levi]      CemeteryScribes.com  25 Sep 2015
 F3639  I16846  PYKE Lion [Yehuda Leib b Moshe Snoek]  I16847    CemeteryScribes.com  24 Sep 2015
 F3638  I16835  PYKE John Lyon [Jonah b Yehuda Lieb]  I16836  18 Dec 1816  CemeteryScribes.com  24 Sep 2015
 F3637  I16817  MARKS John D [Jacob b Benjamin]  I16818    CemeteryScribes.com  23 Sep 2015
 F3636  I16811  LAZARUS Moses [Moshe b Eliezer]  I16816    CemeteryScribes.com  23 Sep 2015
 F3634  I10249  MYERS Michael Meir  I16806    CemeteryScribes.com  19 Sep 2015
 F3633  I14045  JACOBS Edward [Nathan b Jacob]  I16804  1852  CemeteryScribes.com  13 Sep 2015
 F1212  I5076  EZEKIEL Abraham  I5077    CemeteryScribes.com  6 Sep 2015
 F3632  I16803  NATHAN Phillip  I16802    CemeteryScribes.com  6 Sep 2015
 F3581  I1696  CHAPMAN Benjamin [Benjamin b Yechiel]  I16529    CemeteryScribes.com  6 Sep 2015
 F3630  I16758  VALLENTINE Benjamin  I16764    CemeteryScribes.com  2 Sep 2015
 F19  I16334  FOLIGNO Moses Zechariah  I16768    CemeteryScribes.com  2 Sep 2015
 F3355  I16784  NAPHTALI Joseph  I16785    CemeteryScribes.com  30 Aug 2015


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