Brady Street Cemetery and Alderney Burial Ground – Book launch!

Brady street cemetery was the first we visited long before began.

It is the most fascinating place, a secret garden hidden away. The sound of children playing nearby, the birds singing in the trees throughout the cemetery. It is very different to some of the more recent burial grounds. The first I had seen with grass, plants .. a world within a world.

We photographed the tombstones to record the inscriptions, shots of each of the Brady Street headstones with little time, or frankly the ability, to photograph the beautiful surroundings and do it justice.

Fortunately, Louis Berk has, his latest book East End Jewish Cemeteries: Brady Street and Alderney Road is now available. The result of a 5 year photographic project, ‘to capture the natural wonder of this oasis in the city in photography’.

The book launch is being hosted at Willesden Jewish Cemetery on Sunday 9th July 2017, starting at 10.30am. Tickets must be reserved in advance, see here.

Or go to for more information.

A suggested donation of £5 per person toward the upkeep of the cemetery and its events program will be collected on the day.

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