Ramsgate Jewish Cemetery records – found !

The cemetery records for the Ramsgate Jewish Cemetery

These were long considered to be lost but in the summer of 2015 they unexpectedly came to light. They consist of over 93 handwritten sheets on A2 size paper. In many instances the handwriting was difficult to read. The burial register contained information on the name of the deceased, address, age at time of death, burial date, officiating minister and plot number from 1872 – 2008.

The records have been digitalised and the intention is to make them fully accessible on a website, to be determined, but probably the Montefiore Endowment, in the next few months.  For more information see the article was published last Friday in the Thanet Gazette.

Some notable burials there are:

The first burial, Rosetta Twyman died 28 Oct 1872.
The Afrigan family.
Edward Samuel Abrahams Abinger.Jonas Levy died 7 Jul 1894.
The Van den Bergh & Sainsbury family


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