Save Bevis Marks Synagogue from darkness and possible closure.


The Planning application found here threatens to sink Bevis Marks Synagogue, into darkness by erecting 48 storey buildings next to it.

Built in 1701, when the surroundings were very different. The Synagogue is lit by 240 candles and can only have very limited electrical lighting due to its Grade 1 listing – It is reliant on daylight!

No decision has been made yet so if you have Sephardic ancestors or an interest in history, architecture, culture, Judaism, visiting Bevis Marks or have visited Bevis Marks, want to go to their museum, exhibitions, join the congregation in prayer or quiet contemplation – HAVE YOUR SAY NOW before its too late.

Your comments could include:
The impacts on heritage and the historical significance of the Synagogue.
The impact of overshadowing, loss of daylight and sunlight on the building and courtyard
The sense of enclosure and encroachment on the courtyard
The impact of increased traffic on Heneage Lane
The impact of increased servicing and deliveries
The impact of the construction on this historic building

Click here to make your comments on the planning application (You do not have to reside in the UK).

See Bevis Marks ‘SAVING BEVIS MARKS‘ Campaign

See ‘Significance & Community Impact Study by Jonathan Solomons’

Fight to save Bevis Marks Synagogue from Skyscrappers

UK’s Oldest Synagogue fears for future if office blocks approved

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