Torah Shield 1929 in memory of David & Sarah Zmidek (Smith)

A Gilded Silver Torah Shield made by Moses & Morris Salkind of London in 1929 was donated by Gabriel and Kalman Smith in memory of their parents David and Sarah Smith (Smidek)

The Torah Shield is described by Appel Auction as bold, austere Torah shield made of sterling silver that was gold-washed (gilt). It has a set of English hallmarks on the bottom of the front of the shield. There is a very lengthy dedication for who this shield was donated to the synagogue in memory of.

The Hebrew engraving was expertly done by the same hand that engraved the center Ten Commandments.

It’s a very “restrained” design, as opposed to American Torah shields of this era. Dated 1929. Each piece hallmarked with English silver marks, chain link also partly hallmarked. 

The shield is being auctioned on 11th Jan 2022 or more information see here

Information on David and Sarah Zmidek can be found on CemeteryScribes see here

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