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     #  Source ID   Title, Author 
    61 S19 New Synagogue Marriages & Ketubot
    62 S25 Petra Laidlaw & Judith Samson
    63 S4 Phil Walker
    64 S78 Plymouth Herald article - Secret Jewish Cemetery on the Hoe
    65 S22 Prayer Book Subscriptions 1824
    George Rigal 
    66 S76 Probate record
    67 S77 Rivka Goldblatt
    68 S59 Saul Marks
    69 S50 Sources of information on burials at Hoxton cemetery
    70 S49 Stephen W. Massil
    71 S84 The History and Genealogy of the Jewish Families of Yates and Samuel of Liverpool, From Materials Collected by Lucien Wolf.
    Lucien Wolf 
    72 S16 The Jewish Victorian Genealogical Information from the Jewish Newspapers 1861-1870 & 1871 -1880
    Doreen Berger 
    73 S69 The Jones Dental Dynasty by Cameron Hawke-Smith, MA, PhD, AMA Curator, Cambridge and County Folk Museum
    74 S32 The London Jews Database (pre-1850) by Jeffrey Maynard
    75 S46 The Lost Jews of Cornwall
    Edited by keith Pearce & Helen Fry 
    76 S45 The Proceedings of the Old Bailey, London 1674 to 1834 
    77 S65 The rabbinate of the Great Synagogue, London, from 1756-1842
    78 S81 The Sephardic Jewish Cemeteries at Queen Mary Uni of London
    Dr Caron Lipman 
    79 S48 The Susser Archive
    80 S40 The Times newspaper archive
    81 S83 The Western Synagogue by Matthias Levy 1897
    Matthias Levy 
    82 S38 The Western Synagogue through two centuries 1761 - 1961
    Arthur Barnett 
    83 S67 Todd Knowles - The Knowles Collection
    84 S30 Transliteration by Nurith & Uri Meretz
    85 S52 United Synagogue burial records
    86 S55 Visitor to this site
    87 S66

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