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  • Edinburgh, Scotland


    Latitude: 55.9501755, Longitude: -3.1875359


    Matches 31 to 60 of 83

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    31 HARRISON Leah  1894Edinburgh, Scotland I4061
    32 HARRISON Philip  1888Edinburgh, Scotland I4059
    33 HARRISON Rachel  1883Edinburgh, Scotland I4058
    34 HYMAN Aaron  1871Edinburgh, Scotland I4110
    35 HYMAN Jane  1864Edinburgh, Scotland I4111
    36 ISAACS Catherine  1871Edinburgh, Scotland I4115
    37 ISAACS Harry  1872Edinburgh, Scotland I4117
    38 ISAACS Maurice [Moshe b Joseph]  1841Edinburgh, Scotland I4113
    39 JOEL Sophia  1834Edinburgh, Scotland I3146
    40 JULIUS Reuben  1897Edinburgh, Scotland I4128
    41 LEVINSON Alexander  1884Edinburgh, Scotland I4136
    42 LEVINSON Etty  1891Edinburgh, Scotland I4137
    43 LEVY Annie  1888Edinburgh, Scotland I4156
    44 LEVY Ellen (Mary Ellen)  1885Edinburgh, Scotland I4155
    45 LEVY Priscilla  1889Edinburgh, Scotland I4157
    46 LINDEY David  1890Edinburgh, Scotland I4166
    47 LINDEY Eva  1888Edinburgh, Scotland I4165
    48 LINDEY Hyman  1884Edinburgh, Scotland I4163
    49 LINDEY Marian  1876Edinburgh, Scotland I4162
    50 LINDEY Samuel  1895Edinburgh, Scotland I4164
    51 LINDEY Solomon  1877Edinburgh, Scotland I4161
    52 MICHAEL Hilda  1869Edinburgh, Scotland I4145
    53 MICHAEL Lilla  1876Edinburgh, Scotland I4148
    54 MICHAEL Manuel  1871Edinburgh, Scotland I4149
    55 MICHAEL Matilda  1873Edinburgh, Scotland I4150
    56 MICHAEL Minna  1879Edinburgh, Scotland I4151
    57 MICHAEL Prunella  1867Edinburgh, Scotland I4146
    58 MICHAEL Rosetta  1865Edinburgh, Scotland I4147
    59 MICHAELSON Claude Isaac  1870Edinburgh, Scotland I4169
    60 MICHAELSON Harry [Saul Hirsch]  1898Edinburgh, Scotland I4175

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