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  • Edinburgh, Scotland


    Latitude: 55.9501755, Longitude: -3.1875359


    Matches 61 to 83 of 83

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    61 MICHAELSON Joseph  1874Edinburgh, Scotland I4170
    62 MICHAELSON Leah  1886Edinburgh, Scotland I4177
    63 MICHAELSON Nettie (Kitty, Henrietta, Miriam)  1900Edinburgh, Scotland I4176
    64 MICHAELSON Rebecca  1880Edinburgh, Scotland I4178
    65 MICHAELSON Rosa  1882Edinburgh, Scotland I4179
    66 MICHAELSON Sarah  1878Edinburgh, Scotland I4173
    67 MYERS Bertram M  1881Edinburgh, Scotland I4186
    68 MYERS Henry  1878Edinburgh, Scotland I4184
    69 MYERS John  1874Edinburgh, Scotland I4185
    70 REACH Flora  1840Edinburgh, Scotland I4226
    71 REIS Albert V  1887Edinburgh, Scotland I4192
    72 REIS Cyril H  1888Edinburgh, Scotland I4193
    73 REIS Emile Montagu  28 Aug 1885Edinburgh, Scotland I4191
    74 REIS Gordon S  1890Edinburgh, Scotland I4194
    75 SALOMON Adolph  1858Edinburgh, Scotland I4200
    76 SALOMON Alice Angelique  1859Edinburgh, Scotland I4201
    77 SALOMON Antoinette  1851Edinburgh, Scotland I4202
    78 SALOMON Eugene (Georgina)  1856Edinburgh, Scotland I4203
    79 SALOMON Frederic  1852Edinburgh, Scotland I4199
    80 SALOMON Henrietta  1861Edinburgh, Scotland I4205
    81 SALOMON Henry Edward  1851Edinburgh, Scotland I4206
    82 SALOMON Isabella  1855Edinburgh, Scotland I4204
    83 SAMUEL Leah  1840Edinburgh, Scotland I4096

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