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  • Marylebone, London



    Matches 31 to 60 of 101

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    31 EMANUEL Rose  1846Marylebone, London I3341
    32 FELSENSTEIN Albert Abraham [Abraham b Eleazer]  1888Marylebone, London I11475
    33 FELSENSTEIN Julius Isaac  1886Marylebone, London I11474
    34 FRANKS Matilda  1861Marylebone, London I10792
    35 GOLDSMID Emma R  01 Jun 1854Marylebone, London I8972
    36 GOLDSMID Flora  1844Marylebone, London I8971
    37 GOLDSMID Isabel  07 Feb 1842Marylebone, London I8970
    38 HARRIS Asher  1839Marylebone, London I12146
    39 HARRIS Elizabeth  1845Marylebone, London I12149
    40 HARRIS Frances  1852Marylebone, London I12150
    41 HARRIS Levi  1847Marylebone, London I12147
    42 HARRIS Lewis [Yehuda Lieb b Ephraim]  1799Marylebone, London I4337
    43 HARRIS Maria  1829Marylebone, London I4340
    44 HARRIS Phoebe  1827Marylebone, London I4339
    45 HARRIS Phoebe  1854Marylebone, London I12151
    46 HARRIS Samuel  1850Marylebone, London I12148
    47 HART Sophia [Sarah b Aharon]  1826Marylebone, London I10480
    48 ISAACS Albert H  1839Marylebone, London I9006
    49 ISAACS Augusta  1843Marylebone, London I9008
    50 ISAACS Edith Annie  1847Marylebone, London I9010
    51 ISAACS Lydia  1845Marylebone, London I9009
    52 JACOBS Maria  1841Marylebone, London I9681
    53 JOSEPH Clara [Elkela b Abraham]  1819Marylebone, London I9880
    54 JOSEPH Elizabeth  1859Marylebone, London I3486
    55 JOSEPH Mark  1856Marylebone, London I3485
    56 JOSEPH Sarah  1855Marylebone, London I3484
    57 KYEZOR Baron Isaac  1852Marylebone, London I9585
    58 KYEZOR Benjamin Joseph  1854Marylebone, London I9586
    59 KYEZOR George  1857Marylebone, London I9587
    60 KYEZOR Joseph Harris  1859Marylebone, London I9626

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