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  • Marylebone, London



    Matches 61 to 90 of 101

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    61 KYEZOR Joseph Louis  16 Sep 1854Marylebone, London I9588
    62 KYEZOR Rose Jeanette  1876Marylebone, London I9594
    63 LEVY Ella  1873Marylebone, London I13479
    64 MENDOZA David  17 Oct 1856Marylebone, London I14820
    65 MENDOZA Emma [Miriam]  27 Jan 1859Marylebone, London I14821
    66 MURRAY Joseph Ben  1864Marylebone, London I11840
    67 MYERS Jessie  1816Marylebone, London I6992
    68 NATHAN Kate  1825Marylebone, London I466
    69 PHILLIPS Benjamin  1842Marylebone, London I12019
    70 PHILLIPS Dinah  1836Marylebone, London I12016
    71 PHILLIPS Elizabeth  1840Marylebone, London I12018
    72 PHILLIPS Ellen (Helen, Nellie)  1843Marylebone, London I12000
    73 PHILLIPS Julia  1850Marylebone, London I12021
    74 PHILLIPS Martha  1846Marylebone, London I12020
    75 PHILLIPS Rosa  1836Marylebone, London I12017
    76 REES Philip  1834Marylebone, London I2807
    77 RUSSELL Charles Kirkham  21 Jun 1842Marylebone, London I9350
    78 SALOMONS Anna Hendelah  07 May 1839Marylebone, London I8591
    79 SAMUEL Catherine  1841Marylebone, London I3570
    80 SAMUEL Frank H  1878Marylebone, London I8722
    81 SAMUEL Gladys E  1894Marylebone, London I8724
    82 SAMUEL Henry  1840Marylebone, London I3569
    83 SAMUEL Isaac  1834Marylebone, London I3568
    84 SAMUEL Laurence  1844Marylebone, London I3571
    85 SAMUEL Samuel  1847Marylebone, London I3572
    86 SAMUEL Sarah [Sarah b Shmuel]  1834Marylebone, London I3565
    87 SAMUEL Wilfrid H  1882Marylebone, London I8723
    88 SIMMONDS Wolfe B  1859Marylebone, London I16702
    89 SINGER Jacob  1845Marylebone, London I12028
    90 SOLOMON Mary  1899Marylebone, London I10810

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