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  • Echobank (Newington) Jewish Cemetery


    Latitude: 56.030264, Longitude: -3.401607


    History - Echobank (Newington) Cemetery
    History - Echobank (Newington) Cemetery
    Brief History…


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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
    61 RITTENBERG Benjamin  Echobank (Newington) Jewish Cemetery I4195
    62 ROSENBERG Marks  Echobank (Newington) Jewish Cemetery I4196
    63 RUBENSTEIN (BERENSTEIN) Rebecca  Echobank (Newington) Jewish Cemetery I4074
    64 SALOMON Alice Angelique  Echobank (Newington) Jewish Cemetery I4201
    65 SALOMON Antoinette  Echobank (Newington) Jewish Cemetery I4202
    66 SALOMON Frederic  Echobank (Newington) Jewish Cemetery I4199
    67 SALOMON Henry  Echobank (Newington) Jewish Cemetery I4197
    68 SALOMON Henry Edward  Echobank (Newington) Jewish Cemetery I4206
    69 SAMUEL Leah  Echobank (Newington) Jewish Cemetery I4096
    70 SIMMONDS Joseph [Joseph b Shimuel]  Echobank (Newington) Jewish Cemetery I4227
    71 SOLOMON Lewis  Echobank (Newington) Jewish Cemetery I4212
    72 STUNGO Dina Rebecca  Echobank (Newington) Jewish Cemetery I4017
    73 STUNGO Elias  Echobank (Newington) Jewish Cemetery I4217
    74 WAGNER Bertha [Beila]  Echobank (Newington) Jewish Cemetery I4002
    75 WASSERZUG Michael  Echobank (Newington) Jewish Cemetery I4219
    76 WILKS Rachael  Echobank (Newington) Jewish Cemetery I4094
    77 ZACK Rachel  Echobank (Newington) Jewish Cemetery I4216
    78 ZILBERMANN Janetta (Janet)  Echobank (Newington) Jewish Cemetery I4220

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