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  • Aldershot, Hampshire


    Latitude: 51.2468717, Longitude: -0.766213


    Matches 1 to 22 of 22

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 SOLOMON Samuel  1885Aldershot, Hampshire I4830
    2 SOLOMON Rosia E  1883Aldershot, Hampshire I4828
    3 SOLOMON Norman D  1887Aldershot, Hampshire I4831
    4 SOLOMON Louisa  1887Aldershot, Hampshire I4853
    5 SOLOMON Leslie E  1889Aldershot, Hampshire I4832
    6 SOLOMON Joseph  1889Aldershot, Hampshire I4854
    7 SOLOMON Herman  1886Aldershot, Hampshire I4852
    8 SOLOMON Frank  1890Aldershot, Hampshire I4855
    9 SOLOMON Caroline M  1884Aldershot, Hampshire I4829
    10 PHILLIPS Solomon  1874Aldershot, Hampshire I4882
    11 PHILLIPS Rachel  1861Aldershot, Hampshire I4873
    12 PHILLIPS Isidor [Israel b Pinchas Yehuda]  1877Aldershot, Hampshire I4880
    13 PHILLIPS Henry  1872Aldershot, Hampshire I4881
    14 PHILLIPS Edith  1880Aldershot, Hampshire I4883
    15 PHILLIPS Dora  1882Aldershot, Hampshire I4884
    16 LAZARECK Leah J  1870Aldershot, Hampshire I4799
    17 LAZARECK Ernest Joseph  1863Aldershot, Hampshire I4803
    18 LAZARECK Bessie Eva  1867Aldershot, Hampshire I4798
    19 LAZARECK Ada R  1872Aldershot, Hampshire I4800
    20 COHEN Zivye Von Woolf  1873Aldershot, Hampshire I4904
    21 COHEN Samuel  1861Aldershot, Hampshire I4897
    22 COHEN Etty (Esther) Von Woolf  1871Aldershot, Hampshire I4903
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